It was a day after #Christmas when I found out that the iconic #georgemichael passed away. At age 53, he surely made his presence felt and created a legendary journey. His work created new doors to #LGBT community and created awareness that #peoplelikeus do exist. He is an epitome of the classic #paminta which is evident on how he carries his image all throughout his career. He may have some pitfalls along the way but he make sure that he goes back on track. This makes him human. #gaylife is not that all fun and games… we have to strive hard, we need to prove our worth more than a straight guy should, we need to double our effort, we fall (a lot) but in the end… we have to redeem ourselves not because we owe it to our audience, but because we owe it to ourselves. To George… though last Christmas you gave your heart, you left the gay community a value which makes our lives better – #pride🌈 #ripgeorgemichael #yougottahavefaith #carelesswhisper #lastchristmasigaveyoumyheart #wham #wakemeupbeforeyougogo #instagram #jesustoachild 

#1D is the new #beatles


It was just last week when local promoters started selling diamond tickets for “one direction” concert… a concert slated next year for 2 consecutive evening – march 21 and 22, 2015.  Wow… an early marketing bonanza that will surely make local promoters richer beyond their imagination.

The ticket booth opens by 8am.  pero local fans started to fall in line round 3am just to get the tickets.  Eh… siyempre limited seats.  Hindi lahat nakabili.

Yun na ang simula ng mga nanay na sobrang galit at mga dalaginding na umiiyak dahil hindi nga nakabili ng tickets. Grabe ang response ng tao sa “one direction”.

I just hope na sana ganito rin ang clamor ng mga batang ito sa local artist natin.  I mean, come to think of it – a diamond ticket is worth 14k plus.  Isang kinsenas na sahod yan. I think this is the same reaction ng magpunta ang korean boy band na Super Junior.

Im not being patriotic or whatever but have you seen a long line of ticket buyers for a Gary V concert nowadays.   Im sure pahirapan pa ang bentahan at ang front seat e puro freebie.   Mas nakabenta pa nga yata si Anne Curtis at napuno nya ang Araneta based sa last concert nya na “Annebisyosa” and “Annekapal”.  A huge success for a non-singer.  I think the catch is… manonood ka ng babaeng ubod ng ganda at magsasawa ka sa kanonood ng babaeng pumipiyok all throughout the show. What i like about her is her “honesty”.  She compensates it with grand production that would entertain her huge follower.

I just hope that we support local talents rin.  I dont think the last valentine concert of Ogie Alcasid dedicated for singles made it far based on local ticket sales.  And here we are, shedding our hard earned pesos to foreign acts.  I dont think this would help our local economics and Mareng Winnie would agree.  I think ill buy tickets of “no direction” na lang.  The tickets wont cost me an arm and a leg … and i still have a few pesos to buy me starbucks (LOL)


battle of the SEXES – Bowersox VS. Dwyze

This year, American Idol has proven to be one of the biggest event in the POP music world as it delivers two new voices set to invade local radio stations and global stardom which will keep the records straight – will the girls beat the boys ass? or vice versa?

Ive been a converted fan of AI 2 years ago when they brought together two DAVID’s in the forefront of music machinery.  Then comes Adam Allen competition that has sparked rumors even after its finale.

This year, they have brought in undoubtedly a great set of singers (excluding Teflon Tim) which showcases mainstream and independent artistry.  Dwyze voice has a good commercial quality that would rival current rock stars including Daughtry matched with a cute smile.  Bowersox however would bring in a new mix to the endless mainstream voices that was bugging our eardrums all throughout the day. Her passion for music and undoubtedly superb vocal skills may have proved to be the decendant of old souls that we grew to love.  Make way for the next Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua.

At this point, your blogger cant make a fucking decision on who to recommend because both deserves to win.  Anyway, at this point, both will have a great career – win or loose!!!

superb performace from Big Mike

Michael Lynche or commonly known as BIG MIKE has opened up a new following to one of the most outstanding voices from an artist from non-mainstream arena – India Arie.  Ive been a big fan of Arie even from the time she sung her first hit song VIDEO.

Im just glad that Big Mike gave a fine performance on this outstanding song that encapsulates our vivid love and giving ourselves unselfishly – surrendering everything to HIM.