I’m over Akihiro Sato!!  Just like how he left us high & dry …  But boy i found a new one.  Meet Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco!  

He graduated at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). He finished Physical Education which is highly evident with his luscious body.   He loves to listen on all kinds of music though he confesses that he is not much of a dancer.  Well with a body like that, dancing wont be the  priority.  At first i thought that he follows a certain diet to maintain his GOD-like physique – but he doesn’t.   “I eat everything and truly, I love pasta and all the carbs in general!  For breakfast, he eats mostly bread with cheese and turkey breast, plus a chocolate milk.”

What also makes him gorgeous is not just his outside features.  Just check out some excerpts form his interview by the pony rider:

PONY RYDER: How about places to go out and have fun?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much about the places.

The most important thing is WHO is going with me. Any place with good company.

PONY RYDER: Name 3 things that can seduce you?

BERNARDO VELASCO: The most important things in someone are friendship, fidelity and respect. It all matters!

PONY RYDER: Bernardo, when you imagine your dream home… what does it look like?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much for luxury, but it needs to be close to the beach!

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i think my heart stops when i found out that my beloved and ultimate crush Japanese Brazilian hunk AKIHIRO SATO entered the much-ado SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES – CELEBRITY SHOWDOWN.

AKI… my love stranded in an island and will fight for food for survival.  i cant believe my eyes as GMA announced the celebrity contenders.  He was tagged ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ and i hope that we will support AKI with this challenge

AKIHIRO SATO will melt your heart through Celebrity Duets 3

Celebrity Duets open its new season  on August 29 with a stellar line up which includes:

GINA ALAJAR – Veteran Actress & Director

MAXI CINCO – Fashion Designer

NICCOLO COSME – Photographer

JOEL CRUZ – Entreprenuer

NONITO DONAIRE JR. – Boxing Champion


JOMARI YLLANA – Actor & Producer

and AKIHIRO SATO – Top Male Model

I bet its another great season as they ‘belt’ it out, one note from another.  Though there are no politicians in the list,  i think ‘sinadya’ so no one would accuse anyone for ‘politicking’, and having Nonito Donaire on the roster is equally exciting.  He is far more handsome and cuter than Pacman nuh, excuse me….

But what makes it more exciting is having Brazilian-Japanese model AKIHIRO SATO amongst the eight contenders.  We, in the gay community has someone to root for… even if he cant carry a tune. 

Kaya, ihanda na ang piso natin at i-text vote lamang si AKIHIRO SATO.  Yahooooo!

his latest underwear ad from Penshoppe
his latest underwear ad from Penshoppe



the smile and the body that could melt your heart away
the smile and the body that could melt your heart away


the moment i saw his pictures on one of the websites i regularly visit for my daily dose of drooling, i came across a Brazilian Japanese model who goes by the name Akihiro Sato (height: 185cm; weight 75kg).  though i tried googling his name, the websites matches can’t give enough information about this man candy.

The next thing I knew, he is already working on local shores.  An Akihiro fan even gave a site that proves he struts local fashion gala’s.  PLUS, he snagged one of the 2008 Cosmopolitan Top 10 Bachelors.  WOW … iba na talaga pag gwapo!!!

They say that he will be staying for quite some time as he enrolled himself in University of the Philippines.  It seems he is enjoying his stay …. Hmmmmm

Sandali … mailabas ko nga ang stalkers manual 101 hehehehehehe

for the mean time, let us just settle worshipping his images…  scroll down so you will know what i mean:

would you like to join me in the shower? I CERTAINLY DO!!!!

I would like to rest … beside his study arms

Even the looks alone could

send a


eerrr… ships

I can’t say anything but


Would you like some help

with the ‘blower’? (winks)

How I wish I was a scarf

…. Haaayyy

Is that ‘mushu’ in his


Lucky dragon …. hmmpp

is that MUSHU in his thighs?? hmmmp lucky dragon!

fans going ga-ga over Akihiro Sato





from my last blog… here are some comments about Akihiro Sato that I have collected. Read below:


wooooooowwww…’s so BIggggggggggggggg………yummy… shall we you know …


Posted by anne at December 17, 2007, 11:27 am



check out


Posted by akifan at June 11, 2008, 3:25 pm



yo! 8s good to know na ang dami2 pla natin!!! hahahahah!!! akihiro is super cute!!! ummm…… hot’s the right word. soooooper!!!!


may bago siyang pics sa the daily star last week. ky jigs mayuga yata yung detox 101 ang title.


super hot nya don! grabeh! he’s an intensity 1000!!! super!!!! i can’t take my eyes off off nim. Pinunit ko talaga yung pic nya sa newspaper sa school library namin. hehehe! Harharhar!


he’s so perfect na sometimes i wanna ask myself na how much time ang ginugol ng diyos sa pagawa sa kanya? Di bah!?


Posted by chiquitita at August 4, 2008, 3:28 pm



gwaping mo pre.. ito no. ko 09186028886 chat tayo minsan….


Posted by ron gwapito at August 13, 2008, 12:16 am



Oh my God! He’s my ultimate crush and idol since I was 2nd year highschool (that was 2005) and I found Akihiro Sato’s Fansclub at Friendster:

and another site:

Good thing Im planning to study at U.P. this coming second semester, surely I would see Akihiro Sato personaly right there in the campus! So excited, wish me luck!


Posted by Acel Blaire at September 10, 2008, 12:18 am