confessions of a Regine Velasquez fan




so what if they call me a ‘die-hard Regine fan’…i dont care…all i know is i love Regine Velasquez!


The same affection i have for Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey and Julia Roberts.  Its funny that i often compare Regine with this three fabulous girls from Hollywood.  Regine has a bit of Barbra, Mariah and Julia all rolled into one.


But before i proceed, let me just straighten things up. im not the ‘extreme’ kind of fan wherein i have watched all of her major concerts nor has a collection of her pictures well hidden on my closet space.  I have a select few of her albums and videos (namely R2K and Retro for music while Ikaw Lamang Ang Mamahalin, Till I Met You, Pangrap Ko ang Ibigin Ka etc…leads my video collection).  i havent experienced to line up and wait for a long hours just to be able to get a seat inside her sunday TV show though i highly respect individuals who troops their way in every weekend just to meet OUR idol.  In fact, i havent watched any of her LIVE concerts but rather wait for it on the telly instead.  I figured that i may not be able to buy front row tickets and just be pissed off since i may not be able to see her front and center.


Regine for me deserves to be up in the pedestal for gay icons.  In fact, her life, triumphs and tragedies are the same dilema that a normal gay guy may or may have experienced. 


          struggled in the beginning as she reaches for her dreams. 

          often treated as an outcast before for her ‘provincial look’ till she finally been recognized with her sheer talent. 

          falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong moment in time, fought hard for her rights to love but admitted defeat in the end. 

          hibernated herself long enough till she finally fell in love all over again then finally getting the man she truly deserves. 

          she has grown from her simple native looks to an ultra fabulous fashionista…


Regine has truly proven that she is a force to reckon with that even the strongets typhoon cannot knock down a bamboo like her.


Like Barbra and Mariah, she sings like an angel and has expressed her self through the songs she sing.  how would you forget the song : ’cause you made me stronger by breaking my heart.  you ended my life and then a better one start.’  she was singing this song after her huge break up with ariel rivera.  it seems she just wanted to say that their chapter is already over and through this song, she wanted to shout into the whole world that she is free from the bondage of love with a family man.  i bet she also wants to let the wife know that the relationship is over between them. 


though there may be some issues with Mariah’s ill conceited remarks regarding ‘brown monkey and stuff’, Regine has truly proven herself not only through the music scene but as well in the film industry itself as she singlehandely generated millions of ticket sales for her movies.  (can you beat that Mariah…)


she should be given the ‘julia roberts of philippine cinema’ title.  true enough, like julia, she sticks from the character she grew accustomed with and made her famous (like ‘pretty woman’, ‘runaway bride’, ‘monalisa smile’, ‘notting hill’).  a character that solidifies her intergrity as a true ‘film star’.


but from all of her triumphs, she still remains to be level headed.  her feet still touches the ground and has high respect with hardwork.  have you ever seen her mall shows?  gawd, she wouldnt leave the venue until the very last of her fans get each albums signed.  she really respects her fans who made her one of the countrys most celebrated artist.


So now you know why I love Regine…and that is just the start on why I love Regine Velasquez.