I’m over Akihiro Sato!!  Just like how he left us high & dry …  But boy i found a new one.  Meet Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco!  

He graduated at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). He finished Physical Education which is highly evident with his luscious body.   He loves to listen on all kinds of music though he confesses that he is not much of a dancer.  Well with a body like that, dancing wont be the  priority.  At first i thought that he follows a certain diet to maintain his GOD-like physique – but he doesn’t.   “I eat everything and truly, I love pasta and all the carbs in general!  For breakfast, he eats mostly bread with cheese and turkey breast, plus a chocolate milk.”

What also makes him gorgeous is not just his outside features.  Just check out some excerpts form his interview by the pony rider:

PONY RYDER: How about places to go out and have fun?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much about the places.

The most important thing is WHO is going with me. Any place with good company.

PONY RYDER: Name 3 things that can seduce you?

BERNARDO VELASCO: The most important things in someone are friendship, fidelity and respect. It all matters!

PONY RYDER: Bernardo, when you imagine your dream home… what does it look like?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much for luxury, but it needs to be close to the beach!

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the yumminess of VOLCANOES

tumitili ang tingil ng friend ko habang bumubula pa ang kanyang bibig dahil sa isang magandang balita.  Ako naman…. bilang tagapagtangkilik ng tsismis at kahit anong storya na makapagpapa-arouse sa aking imahinasyon ay di nag-atubili ng umatungal ng ‘IM ALL EARS’

“OMG beki…. “ isa pang tili.  “dumadaan ka ba sa Edsa…. dyusko mare!  Ang yummy talaga nila.   May bagong billboard ang PHL Volcanoes with their underwear and sobrang bongga.  Mapapatingin ka talaga dahil grabe …. ang ya-yummy nila”

Kaya ako naman, bilang dakilang tagasunod … eto at binabahagi ko sa inyo ang nakita ni beking Troy with ‘all its glory’….  Tamuh ang young bekih dahil sobrang yummy talaga nila.   Hindi ako avid supporter ng footbal dahil di ko maintinidihan ang rules of the game pero im a HUGE SUPPORTER of great body and sexy underwear…  kaya saludo ako kay BEN CHAN at sa BENCH.  Im sure andami na namang nagka stiff neck at muntik muntik nang mabangga dahil sa pagtingala sa mga HIGANTENG MASKULADO sa na nakabilad sa kahabaan ng Edsa.

Yup…napansin ko rin… ang yummy naman ng Team Captain eh (tee hee).  Kaya lang as of this posting… pinatangal na nina Mayor Abalos and Vice Mayor Gatchalian ang mga nasabing gigantic billboards.


Tama ba na tangalin?  The last time i checked out – this is a democratic country.  Anu ba ang malaswa at ano ba ang disente?  As far as i know, yang Guadalupe billboards ang naging piping saksi ng ilang mga seksi ads ng mga babae – including Lovi Poes underwear ad.

the rest are their individual pictures… enjoy

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Oliver Saunders
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Michael De Guzman
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Francisco "Kit" Guerra IV
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my wild sports fantasy with Bernardo Velasco

i hate sports…

i’m not athletic and i seldom stretch my muscles.  i admit that if go to a gym … just for a fact that i want those 6pack abs that others have (shit! envious)

but if BERNARDO would be my sports buddy, i would love to PLAY SPORTS with a sort of twist to my sexual fantasy that i have in mind

SOCCER – this is a no-brainer.  if he is wearing his jocks … well, ill be on my knees and do SOCCER any time … any day (devilish smile)

BASKETBALL – ill play the sports? right… while sweating my pants off while hovering with one another because of one fucking ball … go convince yourself.

But if ill do it any time as long as it a one-on-one with Bernardo and while dribbling HIS berries … in my bed hahahahahah

SWIMMING – i may not be a good swimmer but i could DIVE into his pants anytime he wants and with a body like this and face to die for, i may not get out from it for such a LOOONG time.

BOXING – i hate violence and i seldom watch fights even if Manny Pacquiao will finally beath the hell out of Mayweather. i hate violence and id rather pomote LOVE anytime but ill make an exception for Bernardo… as long na BUBUGBUGIN niya ako ng halik… BAKIT HINDI..YUMMY

the pool and Bernardo Velasco

what does the pool does to me…

i dont know… a tingly sensation that suddenly wraps my body while awaiting thy wet bodies as they stride through the blue water like angel fishes.

waiting for thy heavenly bodies to stretch their muscles while its sun soaked skin flicker in its majestic day light…

ahhhh… i cant even describe these feelings especially if im looking directly to thy object of my affection

Bernardo … ohhh myyyyy


ohhh tease me… tease me BERNARDO

take a shower with BERNARDO VELASCO

get ready with your towels and let thy water refresh your day. 

What makes it complete is thinking that Bernardo Velasco is with you while hosing that red slinky hose!  OMG!


BERNARDO VELASCO: to droool or not to drool

‘to drool or not to drool’ … that is the question. And i bet you would as well once you scroll down this post and let my Bernardo tease you… get ready with those hankies and tissues…