Top 10 Posts of ALL TIME

Not all posted lit’s on this blog are about boys wearing underwear or ‘wearing nothing at all’. I mean, there are other things you may want to read other than how ‘looong’ his penis is… seriously.

So let me bring out the list for TOP 10 POST of ALL TIME and i hope you’ll enjoy each entry:

Top 10 Posts of ALL TIME

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the red shoe chronicle: boys of bora

boys of bora… the second massage center that i will review.


this massage center is not easy to find.  i was lost and my car shuts down the first time i attempted to seek this center.  the receptionist is not accurate enough in giving directions.  the center is found right in front of a jollibee outlet along kamias.  apparently, there are two jollibee outlets in that stretch, one in edsa and the other one in sikatuna.   so on my second attempt, i hailed a cab instead and provided him the directions the receptionist has told me.  good riddance…nakita ko rin!


if your coming from espana, turn left to tomas morato then turn right to kamuning.  pass the edsa mark then straight ahead…after kasing kasing street, sa susunod na kanto …yun…right in front of jollibee sikatuna, you will find the center. arrrghhhhh…


so its almost 5am by that time and you could almost feel the warm sun shines. the center is open 24hours according to the guy at the reception.  as i enter, you will be greeted by the certificates hanging at the wall of all the masseurs who are supposed to be working with them. 


the guy that i have talked with is sleeping at a wooden chair at the main lounge. he slowly gets up then asked ‘kayo po ba ang tumawag?’


so much for a big welcome…..


i responded and he told me that i could pick my masseur for the day.  there was a guy right at door of a small room and four other male masseurs are sleeping as i peek at their room.  i picked a fair skinned buffed masseur wearing a black bench sando and went back to the receptionist.


the massage service is P400 which includes the room, 1 hour whole body massage and other stuff such as lotion or oil as your choice.  i asked if there are any complimentray drinks (since they are charging more than the other centers that ive been too) like tea, coffee or water but the receptionist responded ‘wala po kaming ganyan dito…’




so i asked him instead to buy me a bottled water which he had obliged to my whim.


the center is quite small and damped.  its clean enough but its not like the other centers which has that certain aromatic smell of a spa.  alam mo ba yung amoy alimuom or lumang bahay….medyo ganon but not that awful naman in fairness….


i was lead by the masseur at the second floor divided to 6 little rooms.  all rooms has foams which serves as the bed for the customers.  my masseurs name is ERVIN.  i asked his name when he gets back to the room.  i was not really paying attention since im not really liking what im seeing so far plus the dissapointing service…


he came all prepared and immediatelly hand him the oil i brought…. YES….i have my own oil…ika nga may baon akong sarili.  its a gift that i got from one of my friends last christmas. 


the massage was not really that bad but its not really that great as well.  mas maganda pa rin yung massage service ng blue palm, uwah matu, hollywood and blue room.  ive been raving this centers because i felt that this centers knew what they are doing.  on the first place, the main line of their business is MASSAGE…. am i right or am i right???


PLUS…. medyo lugi ako sa masahe dahil he never continue hanggang sa front ng body ko.  sa iba kasi, pag sinabing whole body massage, the whole package talaga.  sa madaling salita….bitin ang service.


reg extra…well…if i were you, i would rather not.  parang metro ang patak.  kada kilometro may rate and its not the same as the service from other centers. hayyyyyyy….


so the review is revealed….you still have your choice.  im sure you have your own experience and opinion. if you want to go and try, heres the number 4330158 then share your experience to me.   

the red shoe chronicle: the blue room


well…as our first salve. let me start with my review for the blue room

the blue room is located in kamias avenue.  if your coming from tomas morato, pagtawid ng edsa, a few blocks from the right side corner makikita mo na ang blue room.  it has a little signage right upfront.  basta you have to make sure na your eyes are wide open in finding the place.  it has ample space in front though it seems 2 kotse lang ang pwedeng magkasya.

i went to the place past 2am and i know for a fact na a lot of massage centers are probably closed by that time.  well, i was half drunk and my libido is running wild so i hailed the nearest taxi and begin my journey


i was contacting ralph by that time who is supposedly the centers manager and if you like his service, can also be your masseur for the evening. 


five guys na lang ang nadatnan ko and he said na mga stay-in daw sila.  well, there is nothing much to pick since 5 na nga lang sila.  i was hoping for more since ive read a lot  about the place and amongst their pool of masseurs, meron daw medyo bata but not less than 18.  hmmm….so much for the testimonial.


since i was there na rin and i really have to release, i ask first for the basic with ralph.  ralph is accommodating and friendly enough to answer all of my questions.  i asked the details since hindi na naman ako bago sa mga massage centers – including the massage basics, services and the ‘extra’.  i would reccommend that you have to be honest with the receptionist or whoever ang manager by that time para you know what to expect and they know what your expecting from them.  klaro from the start so maiwasan na ang dapat maiwasan tulad ng di pagkakaunawaan.  remember, they offer services and we offer the money. we see to it na satisfied tayo from the worth of our money.


after the conversation with ralph, i finally picked brixx.  i paid the usual rate of P300 to ralph which includes the one hour massage, complimentary drink, lotion and use of the room. Brixx may have been around 5′5″ to 5′6″, well toned and i could say im well satified with his massage service.  yung iba kasi, they just wanted to pass the massage and go ahead with the good stuff but he really takes time in working with your body.  the shiatsu combi massage is well applauded. 


reg extra, well the guy has a huge future.  though he never kisses at first but at the heat of passion, the bamboo learns to bow (winks).  details…well its up to you to try it out.


overall…i think blue room is commendable with their service and i havent heard any deragotory news so far.  if you want more info about blue room, do call them at 4339149 or text ralph at 09217279225 and just drop my nick – ‘archie’ (winks)