enter the ‘new’ me


No more love.

No more passion

Pure safe sex.


That’s it.


Since I was tormented by several guys, what I do plan right now is a good revenge!


I changed my pseudonym from the lousy ‘bluwinter’ who utters loneliness to the new and spunky … ‘Master Bates’.


Different, fun, horny, adventurous and sexy nickname.



Why the change? I just want to let people know that the old ‘bluwinter’ is safely tucked in my closet from now on.  A sensous change for a sizzling persona.


I just hit my head on a solid block and figured out why this guys who have torsos and dick pix got all the attention.  They are just plain and simple maniacs who doesn’t need love in return… and ironically they are the one who got the best proposals.


Hmmm … great tactic isn’t it….


So welcome the new ‘me’ – and call me ‘Master Bates’