#RafaelRosell: certified #DUKOT KING

Every year, i tried to sum up the most popular post for the whole year and i Rafael Rosell takes the frosting as he ranks #1 amongst my readers.  Well, i think his “NO UNDERWEAR” policy makes it fascinating and “TITI-lating” my gay friends imagination on how he sleeps at night.

A certified hunk makes it to another list which adds up to his popularity: he is enlisted to as “Mr. Dukot King”.  Well, this are old pictures of him from Bench fashion show but i guess this images are worth posting.  Plus, he got a brand new soap with my favorite actress Camille Pratts “The Borrowed Wife”.

I just hope ill get to interview Rafael one day… and maybe greet some of my readers.  I just want to ask a lot of things about him, what does he feel if he got a great number of gay fans? Does it even bother him?  Does it bother him if we fancy him? or better yet, what does he feel if he is the object of our affection during our wet dreams? naughty grin

TOP 10 HUNKS of 2010

the year wont be complete without the years TOP 10 HOTTEST HUNKS FOR 2010.

stats which was used were based from January 1, 2010 till December 30, 201.  The list shows newcomers and hunks which were previously sought-after while some reigned supreme and were simply dropped off the list.   Others are no longer seen in the international and local scene and may have left the business for good.  Meanwhile, some hunks who made it it the list continue to garner criticism,  accolades and controversies.

So hold your breath my dear readers and see if your bet made it to the final list of sizzling men for 2010.

PS: if you got any reactions, violent or simply love this list, hit me by placing a comment after this post or send me a message on my facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php#!/thinkofaj

10. holy molly MARCO MORALES with 1531 hits.


9. the controversial PAOLO SERRANO with 1666 hits

8. JC Tiuseco: basketball heartthrob with 1793 hits

7. where art thou? HAROLD PINEDA – ‘The Telag King’ with 2161 hits


6. where art thou?: ANTON BERNARDO aka ‘Mr.8 Pulgada’ with 2262 hits


4. JOSH IVAN MORALES: the star of my wet, wet dreams (tee hee) with 4288 views

3. the chinese hunks reaches the third spot with 5424 hits garnered from two features that i had created:  HOT CHINESE HUNK on parade (part 2) and HOT CHINESE HUNK on parade (part 1)

2. BENCH poster boy rafael rosell snagged the 2nd spot with a total of 6145 hits from 2 of his famous features which includes:  Rafael Rosell… no underwear policy? & RAFAEL ROSELL… ohhh one HOT hunk in briefs!

1. the NUMBER ONE SPOT were solely tooked over by ONE HOT HUNK – Reichen Lehmkuhl.

My feature for his sizzling pictorial i found in the net has granered more than 6687 HITS.  Imagine what a refreshing shower can make one HOT STUD like Reichen.  So take a peek one again as WE take a shower with Reichen Lehmkuhl

HOT HUNK from PBB: Bartolome Alberto Mott

Bartolome Alberto Mott or TOM has a face and the body of a model but only a few people knew his struggles while growing up in a foreign country.  According to an online profile, he were often called ‘Hilaw na Kano’ or ‘Bangaw Bangaw’ which is a term of a filthy kid.

Well, as they say, time flies and with his current charms, jaw dropping good looks and sizzling physique… i bet the last thing they will ever call him is ‘WHAT A HUNK!!!’

what does MIKE TAN got to do?

he is a by-product of a local celebrity search called Star Struck and until now, his career has no direction… but if he shed some skin, will you ever notice him…?

ROBBY LEE: the MUSCLES that melt our hearts

His full name is Lee Xiao Bin but better known as Robby Lee.  A famous model in China who is currently based in Shanghai.  Though, there were a few facts that you may gather about this hunk but rest assured that he endorses some of the top brands in the industry including BenQ, NEC cell phone, Panasonic Micr owave and Paris Wedding.

I bet a smile is enough to make your heart stop to beat and go ga-ga over him.

HOT CHINESE HUNK on parade (part 1)

come on… i deserve a round of applause as i bring HOT CHINESE HUNKS in my very own blog.  Thanks to vnboy344 account from Flicker because without him, i may not have stumbled this fine hot hunks ready to tease our imaginary clitoris.  So if i were you, scroll down slowly and drool

wet! wet! wet! Alfred Vargas


What does Alfred Vargas looks like when WET? well you dont need to imagine since our favorite hottie gave you a doze of his sizzling poses that i have gathered from the cyberspace.  Heres one collection you should not miss and there is no doubt that  you will surely gasp for air ….