He is known as Dr. George O’Malley on ABC‘s top-rated medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, 35 year old  (born March 26, 1973) Emmy Award-nominated and Screen Actors Guild Award-winning American actor Theodore Raymond “T.R.” Knight affirmed his sexual orientation in  October 19, 2006 — after the mud slinging incident that involves two of his co stars including Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington on the set of Greys Anatomy — when he released a statement through People magazine stating, in part, “I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I’d like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there. While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.”


Though the said issue was way past our bedtime stories, but it remains one of the most liberating stories in the gay community that keeps the rainbow flame alive and kicking.  Below is an excerpt on an interview with TR Knight published at http://www.foxnews.com last September 28, 2007.  At the bottom part of this post, you will find the clip (01/17/2007) wherein TR Knight appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and stated that Washington in fact had referred to him as a faggot on the Grey’s Anatomy set on October 9, 2006.  Before the said appearance at ‘The Ellen Show’,  Washington behemently denied the accusation when Ted Casablanca of E! Online inquired the said verbal incident during 2007 Golden Globe Awards. Washington said, “I never called T.R. a faggot. It never happened.”


I bet no one really believe Isaiah.






http://www.foxnews.com; September 28, 2007


NEW YORK    T.R. Knight says he’s evolved as a person since announcing last October that he’s gay.


“I feel I’ve learned so much this past year, so I’m grateful for that — so, yeah, that changes you,” the 34-year-old actor said Thursday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”


Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley on ABC’s hit medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” announced that he’s gay after it surfaced that Isaiah Washington had used an anti-gay slur against him during an on-set clash with a co-star.


Washington, 44, was booted from his role as a surgeon on the show after he used an anti-gay epithet backstage at the Golden Globe Awards in January while denying he’d used it previously on the set against Knight.


He publicly apologized and tried to make amends by meeting with gay-rights organizations and filming a public-service announcement calling for tolerance.


Knight said telling the world you’re gay isn’t an easy thing to do.


“Everyone has their own path,” he said. “You just have to respect that. I know a lot of people who make statements but you have to do it when it’s right for you.”



Knight joked that he’s dating someone very close to “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star Katherine Heigl.


“Recently Kate and her fiance, Josh Kelley, and me and her mom went out to dinner … and it was reported that it was with me and my new boyfriend. But that was really her mom,” he told DeGeneres.


So I guess I’m dating Katherine’s mom right now,” he quipped.


member since 1997: the day i came OUT

I was often asked when did i finally knew that im gay …

well… my memory is quite vague since it will date back when i was still a kid where everything seems to be sooo innocent. 


But what i can remember is when i finally admitted and realized that being ‘OUT’ is A-okay.  And that is when i met these girls: Ingrid, Karen, Royce, Rosalie, Arlene, Jane, Clarisse, Flor, Jasmine, Myra and a tranny named Russel.


Its when i finally admitted that im different and i wouldnt *fcuk a straight woman for that matter.  I got my own doze of experimentation but i dont think that i even made it to the 2nd base (at least what i conciously know…hmmm).


it was my second year in college.  i know by that time, im quite confused since my so-called all-boys group is sensing that i dont really belong to the straight guys league.  one day, i caught them talking about me and me being malamya and ‘gay’. 

i overheard one of them – and he blatantly called me ‘FREAK’ it dramatically affects ME by that time.  My grades started to fluctuate and i cant even focus on my studies.  Im SCARED TO DEATH and worst… I DONT KNOW WHOM I NEED TO GO TO FOR ADVICE!


 it seems im keeping ‘THE SECRET’ that i have quietly kept my entire life and now its about to be revealed to rest of the world.  i stayed quietly on the sidelines and let life pass by as i snugged a little pandoras box within my chest.  i kept the secret even to my dear father.  he died not even knowing who i really am.


you have to understand … i came from a clan where masculinity is its primary ID.  my dad owns a vulcanizing and a billiard shop.  my other uncle whom i affectionately call ‘tito totoy’, hates GAYS while my ‘tito beth’ waltzes back and forth in prison for several misdemeanor and lawless acts.  i could still remember how he hits the headlines because he flew out from jail (being a celebrity is not that all glamour). my aunts husband is a tough police officer in iloilo who surprisingly knew everything what we do.  my cousin just told me that he hires a spy.  plus, my i live in a tough neighborhood and i have not seen a pink stiletto worn by a 5’9 male basketball player. so now you know see the full picture.


it was a tough day for me… i was so confused … I LIKE TO SHOUT on top of my lungs.  an upcoming ad campaign is coming up and im still half way finished with my school projects.  i know by that time that my ‘secret’ is eating me alive and im a huge mess.


by that time, there is a group of girls who become my antogonists for over a year.  headed by my high school nemesis named Ingrid.  she hated me so much since im her number one academic contender.  well, im not lifting my own chair but i left her and climb a few more notches as i end up in section two (a total of 48 sections for one year only) during my high school years.


mid afternoon, i went out of the class and while walking the hall way, still secretly wiping my tears – i felt so all alone. 

i lost my whole male ‘barkada’.  im trying to look for a place of refuge as i saw a nearby cafeteria which the students fondly call ‘kawayan’ (basically because of obvious reasons).  i recognized familiar faces as they fan themselves and having a time of their life.  i slowly walk through their direction as they gazed at me as if they knew what happen. 


silence……waiting for me to utter even a word. i guess rumours spread easily like fire.


i slowly lift my head and utter

‘well….yes…im gay’


the girls screamed as if they have been waiting for it forever.  as if i have gave them the formula to cure AIDS and the the rest is history…as they say.  there is no turning back.


Now, i hardly heard about my 11 former straight commrades.  the last time ive heard about them – they all have their own set of families and children as well.  one of them has recently married whom ive had a ‘past’ with.  ironically, he married the same girl whom i courted when im still on my stage of ‘denial’. 


my gal pal are still in tact.  three of them i hardly talk with because of various reasons – proximity and hatred while others simply driftted away.  ingrid, jane and arlene are now based on other countries but still happily connected with each other while karen is starting a new life as she comes back home.  clarissa is still working and happy with its simple single life while myra is contented with his married life.


things changed and so our lives.  we lead a different life indeed.  but as for me, after that mid-afternoon pledge in 1997, i freed myself out from my own bondage and i promised myself, i will never get back in that closet…again.