#TheVoice and #AmericanIdol tops my list

singing contest in the boob tube are almost endless.  We got American Idol and The X Factor.  We also have our own version franchised from these international shows that boast local talents with a mixture of local and international judges.  One great example is “The Voice Philippines” with judges such as Lea Salonga, Black Eyed Peas APL, Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo.  Other local TV programs boast of local divas who host the shows including Regine Velasquez.  Dont forget “The One Million Peso” Karaoke Challenge by Jaya and Allan K which i dearly miss. With the same formula, what makes these shows different from one another?  Two shows stood out though – American Idol USA and The Voice USA.  All programs has their own merit but American idol produces the most successful newcomers in the music industry.  Grammy Award Winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, Oscar Award Winner Jennifer Hudson, David Cook, David Archuleta, Jessica Sanchez to name a few. The Voice USA however boast of its great concept and the like-able judges – Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguillera, Ceelo Green and Adam Levine.  Plus mega producer Usher and Hot Temptress Shakira Clipped some amazing episodes from both shows and then some… enjoy

DAVID COOK wins the heart of millions



the world celebrates when he was hailed as the newest AMERICAN IDOL…DAVID COOK!


of course, everyone have had doubts if this bartender from Kansas City will ever win over teen age idol David Archuleta.  Aside from the fact that Archuleta were far more favored by the judges during its finale round but he has a lot of screaming teen age fans who back up as well.  Even i have my own doubts…. (not only me, even a music critic from yahoo has her doubts as well)


Cook is a sensitive musician/singer who sings rock and emo infused melodies who were adored by small group of people who can actually relate to the songs.  the power of teens nowadays are riveting as well – look what they have done with Britney and Hillary.  Their music is questionable but their star power is unsurmountable.  i bet if teen agers could only vote for a President and Britney runs for local office, there are no doubt that she may have an 80% chance to win.  Archuleta also sings the top 40’s while Cook loves to sing other genres even neo-collective soul that even i dont know anything with such genre. 


Nevertheless, with more than 12 million votes, Cook won the crown.  America made the right decision!


And he will be coming here in the Philippines with a back to back concert with David Archuleta.  Marvelous concept by Jomari Yllana’s Fearless procutions and I bet tickets are running out so if I were you, get in the line for this awesome event in May 16, 2009 at the open grounds of SM Mall Of Asia

i love DAVID COOK!



im not a HUGE fan of american idol eversince it began. but this last season has kept me on my heels to watch a few of my faves including emo looking with edgy and rock image DAVID COOK.


promise, the moment ive heard his rendition of HELLO by Lionel Richie, i became an instant fan.


i know a lot are voting for cutie two shoes DAVID ARCHULETA but im not really sold out of his performance.  his voice is so universal and almost anyone has the same voice range such as his.  forgive me but not all of his performance on A. I. is my cup of tea and im not even ‘over the moon’ with him as well.  even if he will win, i bet he will never last the music scene with his teeny bopper looks and rather predictable renditions…his better off as a support to High School Musical.


i would commend him with some of his ballad renditions such as John Lennons ‘Imagine’, the beatles ‘long and winding road’ and Dan Fogelbergon’s ‘longer’ but they are all done by other prominent music figures with the same musical arrangement.  whats great about that?


DAVID COOK on the other hand has the heart and attitude of a real musician.  he knows his strength and try to build around it.  he gave a new sound on each cover songs and he try to make it his own.  he has the capacity to think like a musician and taking one material to higher new level.  he gave great value for each song and provide a fresh new take that even the original singers will be amazed.  So im grabbing the chance to provide you some of my fave performane by David Cook.



I DONT WANT TO MISS A THING originally performed by Aerosmith and written by Dianne Warren who happens to be on the audience





ALWAYS BE MY BABY by mariah carey




 BILLY JEAN by Michael Jackson





HELLO by Lionel Richie