39. My new favorite number.

I never had an issue about my age. In fact I embrace it and never hide the fact that I’m getting a year older. Its like your favorite excuse for everything like asking for a seat from another senior in MRT. If I was given a chance to exchange every year with youth and beauty… I would gladly say “pass” for the opportunity. #wisdom over #vanity.

I seldom visit the church. But everyday, I say a little prayer. Being grateful that I had another day, another chance to mend my ways. Looking back on those years, I like what I become. It may not be what I dream of becoming but it’s not a bad plan B anyway. I guess when we started this journey, we set up a map on how to become on what we would like to be. But when we started to drive, a few bumps and life decisions has to be made – ultimately a choice between what is bad and not so bad. We arrive on each station a little different until we throw out the map and just glide through life.

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10 fabulous ‘eyeball’ dating tips from AJ (winks)




of course, a lot of us is fond of dating.  in current gay language, its fondly called as ‘eye ball’.  from the word itself, you would know what does it mean … ‘magkita na lang tayo sa mata’.


we have our own share of good and bad memoies of past dates…some are even disturbing and downright scary.  soooo… to avoid such scenario, here are 10 dating tips which may lead to a happier meet-up.


1. REMEMBER THEY ARE STRANGERS.  though we felt that we knew them by heart through constant text, always remember that they are still strangers.  though they may have spilled their guts and heart via messages and cyber profiles… its still beneficial if you still keep yourself on guard on that night.  you may never know what will happen next and they may have provided false identities to lead you to their trap. you dont want to be the next headline of some crappy tabloid…dont you?


2. YOU PICK THE PLACE.  pick a place that you know, just like the back of your hand.  i always pick out a restaurant which im familar with and have friends as well – from the managers to the waiters so in case something happen, they knew me and whom im dating with during that time.  as for me, I always pick LOO-KAL BAR in malate.  Aside from the fact that they a cozy ambiance, they have friendsly staff who you could trust with.


3. BRING MONEY.  come on…never forget your wallet WITH CASH.  its definitely one of the most embarassing moments which will happen on a date.  you dont want false leads that you dont have the money and your just using him for a free meal.  PLUS, money can pull you off in a sticky scenario like instantly hailing a cab if your too uncomfortable with your date. 


i did it one time when i have dated a “supposed to be” seamen.  i picked up a place in malate – Gilligans to be exact and sitted right outside the resto.  why seamen? you know me,  i have a kinky fantasy for uniformed men.  harharhar


but it turns out that he seems to be an impostor as i try to ask him several questions related to his work.  you will know that he is not telling the truth and i have that icky feeling he is up to no good so the moment i have had the chance to hail a cab…hey …..i grabbed the chance and just gave a lame emergency excuse as i hurried inside the vehicle and close all possible doors.  i can still remember what i have told the driver ‘manong bilis…..wag kayong hihinto…’


4. BRING MINTS…or any breath mints. hahahahaha! 


there are instances that i gave my date some breath mints before we french kiss.  of course, after eating and drinking, its the quickest way to fresh up our breath for a looong lasting kiss fest.


5. CONDOMS AND POCKET LUBES.  please bring at least 5 condoms for you and your partner.  sometimes kasi, our dates are the one who forgot the condoms and its best that you have ALWAYS have a spare para you could offer him if ever.  You should always remember the value which Boy Scout has imparted “dapat laging handa!”


i know some of this eye ball always leads to sex and its better safe than never.  you should always come prepared…we were once boy scouts, you know!


6. STOP ‘MY EX’ STORIES.  its annoying.  really!!!!  cant you think of any stories to tell?. 


on the first place,  youre meeting this guy to know him better.  if you will kept on yapping on how many men have you dated and how good they are …please give me their cellphone numbers and ill date them instead


7. ITS ME, MYSELF AND I.  come on…telling stories about your ex is one thing but telling things about yourself  to the point ‘bragging’ all through the night is tiring! 


really…ive met a lot of guys who kept on talking about themselves…to the point of boredom.  arrrrggghhhhh!  i hated self conceited dates….


8.  STOP TEXTING. one of the darnest things youl’l do in front of your date.  its annoying and uncivilized.  stop wasting the time of your date!  please turn your mobile phone on mute or on vibra mode so the beep wouldnt ruin the night.


9. ATTENDANCE IS A MUST.  this thing happens usually in a mall with multi level floors.  your meeting place is at the ground floor right in the middle of a fountain area.  then youll get a text from your date,


what are you wearing?.  of course you will obliged by texting your full ensemble, the color and even the designer your wearing.  after several minutes, he will text ‘ ay sorry…may emergency pala’.  then youll never know what happen until one day nalaman mo na the guy your supposed to date is also a friend of your friend (gets mo ba???).  then he is blabbing that he have had a date that he run off because he didnt like what he saw.


gawd…maliit lang ang mundo!  if your too picky with your date then stop asking for EB.  karma is just around the corner.  baka mangyari rin sayo yan.  come on…where is common decency?  you ask him for an EB then if you didnt like what you saw…babastusin or youll ditch him.  remember GOD is watching!


10.  LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW.  if you will date someone else, let your fiends know it.  tell them exactly their numbers, names, where it will happen and if you have his profile links, send it as well.  its better that someone know what is happening,  if you cant tell it to your parents or your siblings …at least your friends whom you could count and rely with.


i hope you like my tips for dating on ‘what to do’ before, during and after the dates.  always be reminded that we are investing our precious time on this date and it takes days to prepare so make the most out of it.  be safe and play well kiddos





though cats and dogs were pouring last friday (May 16, 2008), the united effort of four clans in G4M namely ALMULA, G4M BICOLANOS, PINOY WE ‘MENS’ and FABS 30′S & 40′S who brings a rare event at BED MALATE was a SMASHING SUCCESS!


True…i was there to witness everything


me and my fairy godson ‘melvin’ arrived at the venue before 10:30PM.  By that time, the rain has stopped and i was greeted by old buddies including Gyminstrctr and Dencio. then, a pack of fab members led by dada roto ushered the doorway.  i met a lot of interesting and lovely individuals which i wouldnt mention in this post.  (Mainly because they are too many to mention.)  The pictures in this post are the evidence that BED still rules the Malate nightlife!! (to BED mngt, i hope you forgive me by taking a few snap shots!!)


then after 30 minutes onwards, the bar is full and jampacked by familiar and new faces.  everyone is in a fiesta atmosphere and you could feel the love in the air as everyone dance the night away. 


to everyone who made the MAY 16 EVENT possible… congratulations!


** orginally posted last May 16, 2008 from my old blog www.allanworld.i.ph


its my third White Pride Party in malate.


Inaya ko ang mga funny friends ko sa malate for them to experience the so-called WHITE PRIDE WEEK in the Philippines (naks…parang turista).  actually my friends hasnt attended PRIDE nor WHITE party and i think its high time to wear those pink shoes and strut the gay mecca of manila for my ‘devirginiZing project’.  Though cats and dogs are pouring, the six gay guys from sampaloc push through with the plans. 


for the past years, the pride week has experienced rain showers and it has always been succesful even for minor setbacks such as this.  clad with our white ensemble, we hailed two cabs, armed with perfume and brushes, we started our journey to the party central of malate – nakpil.


it was crowded….i think every colors of the rainbow has flocked the area and celebrated. 


from buffed to twinks.


trannies to butch. Damsels to fairies


discreet to screaming ones has been tossed in one huge bowl and party the whole night.


medyo napakarami nga lang ata sobra this year.  each bar has its own gimmick hindi katulad ng last few years which i have attended.  may consolidated effort kasi dati like a ’street party’ or they have one major program at the street of malate.  pero mukhang this year, they opted to do their own. mukhang nagkanya kanya ang mga bar owners


me and my friends went inside Chelu.  We tried to peek what is happening in Mafia and BED but it seems there were a long line of gay men in this establishment.  Plus, going from POINT A to POINT B has eaten a reasonable time because of too many gay men in one area.  Sobrang siksikan and you really have to make an effort to drag yourself without stepping someone elses Prada. 


Inside Chelu, sobrang man boobs to man boobs na ang labanan inside kaya punta na lang kami sa second flr.  kaya lang half of the 2nd flr were used by the VIP and wala ng table for us patrons on the other side.  good thing, may nakilala ako sa isa sa mga guest.  Lady luck may have smiled upon us…kaya ayun binigay na rin sa amin ang table. 


ive met a lot of fabulous individuals and the night is so fun.  though i cant hardly remember their names but i never thought deaf and mute individuals knows how to party.  please, i dont mean anything bad and in fact i enjoyed their company.  its refreshing to see gay individuals such as them who lives like us ….ordinary lives….relationships etc.  ANSAYA!


may mga ka-ek-ek-kan lang ang isang kaibigan ko na nasabit in a few heated argument including sa isa sa mga waiter sa bar and a young gay couple.  eh sus…hilahin ba naman ni raven yung guy and sabay kiss without asking kung boyfriend nya ba yung kasama …ay sus pasaway talaga!!!


anyway, overall masaya naman and ill never get tired to attend the white party next year.  here are some of our photos that i could share:


rhea, gerosan, raven and beachguy
GURLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN: rhea, gerosan, raven and beachguy


canoodling with NEW friends
canoodling with NEW friends
the whole gang from sampaloc PLUS gerosan and a guy that i forgot the name
the whole gang from sampaloc PLUS gerosan and a guy that i forgot the name


** orginally posted last July 14, 2008 from my old blog www.allanworld.i.ph

ending the year with a blast





One way to end the year is a fabulous party with the new ‘pink’ people you have befriended and somehow changed our daily night life.  The CLAN2CLAN CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR ULTIMATE EXTRAVAGANZA were a HUGE HIT with more than 123 guests who has appeared and cheered with us at the heart of Manila.


Living up with the promise of surprises, the G4M family is treated with the hottest numbers and naughty games that spells F.U.N. in capital letters!


From Rotogold, Crissy, BtangBastus, and ‘Me’ our heartfelt ‘thank you’ who has supported such grand event. 

The management and staff of Ultimate most especially to Val, our GRO namely Leeroy, Carlo Boy Toy (glad that you made it) and Armando & Zico (the instant GRO…salamat kapatid), to Ghieno for creating thread for the event, to Mamu Divas for the balloons, to Tronkets for the wonderful song number, to Dancervic with his amazing dance grooves, to Mama Sang’gre for his fabulous hosting job, to the scoutmasters – Rayene, Pyromaniac, Dencio, Dancervic, PingPing, BX Bacardi, Chogie,  Dyonisii, Luis, Prince Dane, Wacky and Cofifreak, the participants of the games and the clans who has generously supported the event.


Maraming Salamat Po!


Herewith is the full list of names of who participated on the event (if I have misspelled anyone’s profile name, kindly please be kind and forgive for I am basing it on your handwriting.)


BeckSean Era,  Aguiluz, Raleigh, TE Matias, SpunkyTengu, JohnFlik, CarloBoyToy, Hunter6yy200,  Clayd, Ram, Lams, Explosion, Justhin, Gerosan, Tong, RobLo, Smiley (Batibot), Bro@Oro (Uragons), Edge310 (Uragons), Im_sparky  (G2G), Dancervic  (G2G), Gabby Happy (G2G), Tsinoyuppie (G2G), CarloCarlo (G2G), KarlJames (G2G), CuteWheng (G2G), Baybie_Sam (G2G), Pretty_Alfie  (G2G), Xander 26 (G2G), Dr. Evil (G2G), Kix (G2G/Pangit/Almula), Crimson (Pangit Clan), Wacky (Pangit Clan), NeuroticDJ  (Pangit Clan), Lil Soul (Pangit Clan), Jepy (Pangit), AuBi (Pangit Clan), Kivan (Pangit Clan), Underscore (Pangit Clan), Cairo (Pangit Clan), Jerkbud (Pangit Clan), BXBacardi  (Bacardi Family), Shadowrye  (Bacardi Family), Kurorosurushie (Bacardi Family), Wild_mj6969 (Bacardi Family), Saef (Kyembots), Supermodel  (Kyembots), Leeroy (Kyembots), Pingping (Kyembots), -FR33- (Taga-Caloocan), Atomz (Taga-Caloocan), Ayen Dhei (Quezon City), Toni  (Quezon City), Ghieno (Friday), Lovabble (Friday), BusyBryan (Friday), Rayene (Friday), Kurama (Friday), Sang’gre (Friday), Just Here (Friday), (deleted)* (CyberJeff), DVJ Kelly (Samahang Kapampangan), John635 (Scorpio), Blackspy (Bagets), Zico_batch (Bagets), Tata Brat (Bagets), Jamiz (Bagets), Jenster (Bagets), Erick:-b (Bagets), Japinoy2006 (SMX), Princetroy (SMX), CyberDemon (SMX), Jerks (ilocano), Fox Hunter (Rizal), DZN (Rizal), Mike (Rizal), Arman (Rizal), Drake (Rizal), Randy (Rizal), Edyhage (Pookie Monsters), Romanoff (Pookie Monsters), BtangBastus  (Pookie/Papa Axel), Axel101 (Pookie/Papa Axel), Pyromaniac  (Pookie/Papa Axel/Aquarius), Joven5 (Broken Hearts Club), Dyonisii (BHC/Friday), Dencio   (BHC/Pookie/Papa Axel/Uragon), Rotogold  (BHC/Pookie/Papa Axel/Fab 30’s & 40’s/Scorpio), Mr. Bates (BHC/Pookie/Papa Axel/GSkalawags/Pangit/Red Horse), I_luv_cedric  (BHC/Red Horse), Cris143 (BHC/Red Horse), Cute_Cub (GSkalawags/Pangit), MarkyMark (GSkalawags/Pangit), Kyutipogimacho (Globe Skalawags), Simplehot24  (Pangit ka ba sa personal clan), Kruckett (Pangit ka ba sa personal clan), Armando (Fab30’s&40’s/PSP), BaristaVince  (Fabs30’s&40’s), Tronkets (Fabs30’s&40’s), Garfield (Fabs30’s&40’s), Raul Tan (Fabs30’s&40’s), Underwood (Fabs30’s&40’s), Metsu (Fabs30’s&40’s), Dadi X (Fabs30’s&40’s), Vonnel (Fabs30’s&40’s), Kazam (Fabs30’s&40’s), Ancyz (Fabs30’s&40’s), Divas (Fabs30’s&40’s), Berkey (Fabs30’s&40’s), Whatever (Fabs30’s&40’s), Noey (Fabs30’s&40’s/PipolSupport), Jeminem (Almula/PipolSB), Gyminstructr (Almula), Colsan (Almula), Supladito (Almula), Alphamale (Almula), Erudite (Almula), Prime Number (Almula), Chogie24 (Almula), Triple G (Almula), Tolpakiss (Almula), Swipey (Almula), J.E.F.F. (Almula), MigooBenz (Almula), Dr. Strange (Almula), Elusive (Almula)


 catch the higlights of the evening with the pictures below:





* previously posted last January 1, 2007 from my old blog http://www.allanworld.i.ph

close encounter with ‘Mr. Right’




November 14, 2006 – How would you define Mr. Right?


Some of us would stick to the standards – ‘tall, dark and handsome’ and others would simply say ‘young handsome rich guy’.  Others are far more specific that I come to realize that ‘gays’ like me are doomed from the very start of the ‘love race’. We have stereotyped ‘Mr. Right’, lay them in a bed of roses, put them in a box and display up high in the ‘altar’ complete with daffodils and ‘pink’ candles on both sides.


If we could only buy it online or choose from a male catalogue…I would gladly sign up and order one. Or a buffet table with ‘male ala carte’… ‘This one is to shabby, this one is too mealy, ill hate myself in the morning if Ill eat this one’ – Will Truman


I say we are doomed… Until he came along…Axel… a guy I have met through those regular EB’s. An evening in Malate, to be specific, while dining with friends from G4M.I still remember how my heart stops as he extends his hands introducing himself.  As if ‘time’ stands still, mesmerized with this lovely man in front of me. His sweet smile and timid looks, wrapped with an enigma I have longed for a man….


SNAP! Fast forward to reality….


Mr. Right doesn’t have any interest with this flaky guy… (well…I just assume since I have lost my self-esteem ages ago) who stands like Frodo Baggins, a forehead as high as Mt. Everest and a chin as long as his arrogance – or let us just simply put it …‘ME’.


So I settled in admiring him from a distance and befriend ‘prince charming’…BUT a small problem existed most especially if I am a few inches beside him – a rather quick tightening on the ‘crotch division’. Well, his presence really ‘excites’ me in a lot of good ways…hehehehe.


Ika nga… ‘Wala kang itulak kabigin’ since he got everything in my ‘Mr. Right guide list’


1.       Handsome

2.       taller than me

3.       Not skinny

4.       Interesting

5.       Soft spoken

6.       A subtle and timid laugh

7.       Intelligent

8.       Older than me (like wine, they are better as they get old)

9.       Mature

10.     We run the same circle of friends

11.     Gentle

12.     Acts and thinks with his age

13.     Never judge someone else by the way they act or look

14.     Understanding

15.     Remarkably dreamy eyes

16.     Stable

17.     A touch of naughtiness hehehehehe

18.     And loads of other stuff I would gladly and willingly discover.


A man I never thought existed in the real world. 


ALAS!!! A guy I could simply waste my whole day just simply staring at him (I’m using his picture as my screensaver) and imagining that he is my ‘beloved’.


If HE were my partner… ill cherish every moment that I’m with him. He will be the center of my universe as if I were created to be his life long servant. I will allow him to breathe for he is my so-called ‘rock’…without him; i’m just a worthless inanimate object. I will devote my time and energy making him happy…for his happiness is my ONLY happiness. And if ever ill leave this earth, his name ill utter up until my last breathe after calling the doctor.


Don’t worry…I’m not going psycho… its just that this is my only way of releasing those hidden feelings I have for him and help me realized that this guy could only offer friendship and no romance involve. It pulls my feet back on the ground and helps me realize that the man I’m longing belongs to someone else. Oh well, ‘cest las vie’…


But on the lighter side, “Mr. Right” does exist in the real world. Though it is hard to find such rare species, it may take a lifetime just to find one and may or may not have all the qualities your looking for a guy… at least I know, he exist.


Remember Sandra Bullocks movie ‘Practical Magic’ together with Nicole Kidman. When she was about 12 years old, she is frightened to fall in love with a guy so she pulls out a spell about ‘Mr. Right’ – ‘a guy with blue and green eyes, who loves riding ponies who has stars on its rear end, understanding and gentle.’ And I thought it only happens on movies.


As I write towards the end of this chronicle, I come to realize that making a list and defining ‘Mr. Right’ constrains the existence of our ideal men. No list could ever dictate what our heart longs for and would make it happy on this road towards ‘happiness’. The most important thing is you love the guy and he loves you back in return…


NO IF’s…





To Axel…I would still be one of your adoring fans and would be enchanted with such gleaming personality. Infatuated and hell… the star of my ‘wet’ dreams.