#pride2017 : reminder to #gaymillenials – #RESPECT

Why do we celebrate #pridemonth ?
Hit back by asking “straight people should be thankful they don’t need one”. The #pride month roots back from the oppressive Civil Rights Movement. There were “Annual Reminder” marches as early as 1965, which were meant to be a public reminder that the #LGBT community didn’t enjoy the same basic civil rights as other people. But the watershed moment of the modern pride movement is widely considered the #Stonewall Riots. In the 1960s, due to laws prohibiting public sexuality, there were limited options for #queer folk and raids of #gay and #lesbian establishments were common.

During 80s and early 90s, the only local gay icon I know is Pacifica Falayfay. Dolphy’s iconic performance has ticked the Filipino gay character as #parlorista with a heart of gold. Though his moving performance has paved the way to bring #LGBTQ issues, there is more to #gaylife aside from what I see in theaters.

I stand strongly to my sexuality and if #millenialpink does not understand our #hugot due to”generation gap”… then let me simply say …
You won’t enjoy the #liberty to shout out your feelings to the world without the #thunderbeki who fought for you basic rights to #love and #expressyourself . #respect¬†

Nuff said.

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#Christmas party … woot woot

Christmas wont be the same without booze and fruit cakes and what makes it special are the people who are garnered in one venue all at the same time – giving their holiday greetings to one another.

But there is one party that i would like to be invited – hanging out with these guys would make my holiday wish list and few a few of my favorite things…


#sexysanta love to #Christmas

we can definitely say that Christmas is just around the corner – ¬†the much awaited-season is just 3days from now. ¬†And Christmas wont be the same without Santa!! ¬†So to remember him and because of the holiday season – i am dedicating this post to the jolly guy in red-suit. ¬†But this time, i would rather feature him as a shirtless hunk with red bikini. ¬†I hope youll enjoy this “merry” post and dont forget to get some tissues to wipe out those juices!

thats why i never made it to Santa’s Good list! ¬†Well, the “naughty” list is fine by me as long i’m with these guys!

MASAKI KOH: The #legacy of a #pornstar

Who would ever forget Jeff Stryker? I bet for for people who loves porn – Jeff Stryker is the MOST POPULAR pornstar in the 80’s who left a mark among PLU community. ¬†Seldom that i follow porn stars since i don’t even remember their names – most especially porn stars from Japan or Korea. ¬†But one stand out – at first, i just gaze through the DVD cover and try to recognize his face first before i try to buy it. ¬†Until i found out who he is – ¬†MASAKI KOH.

He is an OUT & PROUD gay porn star with his long-time partner TIEN TIEN. ¬†An advocate of LGBT agenda and never dismisses a fan mail. ¬†If ever you watched his videos, i bet you will love him as well as he open up his world and he slides into your senses. ¬†What i do like about him, nothing on his moves are scripted and everything are unadulterated. ¬†I think that is what a porn star is – though it may have been a few minutes for release but you’ll never ever forget him – and you’ll never get tired of watching him over and over again.

Here are some of his images that would surely mark you senses.

#RIP: Koh #Masaki – Japan’s top notch #gay #pornstar


Japans’ foremost gay porn star has finally said goodbye last May 18, 2013. ¬†Undoubtedly, one of my favorite Japanese porn stars recently and this is my way of paying my respect to him

Based on an official statement from GayStarNew.com¬†‘The tragic news has been announced by his partner, Tien Tien, who revealed that Koh was receiving treatments from a ruptured cecal (which is considered the beginning of the large intestine) due to peritonitis and has had surgery several times since last month. This is a sad day not only for us but also for his family, partner, and friends who have always supported his career. We will always love you Koh Masaki.’ (See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/gay-japanese-pornstar-masaki-koh-dead-age-29220513#sthash.MvjlGwuL.dpuf)

Masaki began his career as a porn actor in 2009 and¬†appeared in more than 100 films. ¬†Koh was a vocal supporter of LGBT rights.¬†When a lesbian couple held a wedding in Tokyo Disneyland in March he said ‘your wonderful wedding will bring inspiration and hope to many people who still hesitate to take the first step’. ¬†In April 2012¬†he travelled to Taiwan to star in a safe-sex event in Ximenting, Taipei’s gay bar area.

Here are some of his images i found in cyberspace.


MIGUEL ORTIZ: rough and dirty


WHOOAHHH!!! ¬†my gaydar shoots up when i last featured male hottie MIGUEL ORTIZ last August 12. ¬†I think we cant get enough if this gorgeous hunk so i’m featuring him once again – all rough and dirty. ¬† This was his recent feature with A CAPA magazine (thanks to photographer Joan Crisol) in bringing our fantasies to life. ¬†So feel free to go down and dirty with Miguel and¬†hope you’ll enjoy drooling…



19 year old Miguel Ortiz from Sevilla, Spain may have been too young for comfort but he is the current toast of Spain for Mr. Gay World 2013. ¬†He may not have won the this years competition but i bet he won a lot of gay guys around the world with his disarming charms and a body ‘to-die-for’

With its true Mr. Gay World tradition, this young man writes: ‚ÄúI want to defend and vindicate the rights of LGBT people and I think this could be the best platform to be heard loud and clear. There are still many countries and even on my own where some citizens are still discriminated and insulted just because of the fact of being gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual and that is intolerable. I want to fight with all my strength and as a young man trying to contribute in the struggle against homophobia. ¬†Although some people might think that being 19 years is synonymous of being immature, irresponsible, etc., it isn‚Äôt necessarily true. My age can help me to make aware younger gay community that the fact of being young and gay does not mean being immune to disease in their sexual life. It¬īs priority to make them know it is necessary to use protection in order to fight against HIV with all our energies.‚ÄĚ ¬†Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

With those eyes and supple lips, i guess … who can even resist! ¬†So go on my dear readers … bite into the apple!