Victor Aliwalas says #goodbye


April 12 2009, i featured newbie model turned actor Victor Aliwalas on my humble blog.  I even titled it “Victor Aliwalas: besmucled fantasy”.  By then he was featured on several teleserye in GMA and marches his way to cat walk. 

His short stint in showbiz/modelling may have pave his way to other career goals.  3 years ago he quits the industry and starts a new chapter.

I just got a message from him from my facebook account.  He was asking if i can delete his shirtless photos off from my gay blogsite.  He gave a compelling message and explain why there is a need for him to wipe out his past.

Heres what he has to say:




So i go through my previous post and review. I dont see any deragatory remarks from my post as it is random profile which i got off from the internet. The shirtless picture he is referring to is a screen capture off from the telly while wearing a head gear parading the cat walk – shirtless. Again this is brodcasted on a national TV on a Sunday afternoon. I guess that is kinda strange asking a lowly blogger to delete his shirtless photo which i got from a local program. And i dont own a smart phone in 2009, i got it from the internet. Im no papparazzi who will hide on the bushes and try to snap a picture of anyone while they are celebrating their privacy.

Based on his message, “thank you” daw since i enjoyed his shirtless photo. I did… but i also enjoyed other men who has the courage to go shirtless. It takes gutts and will power. If i have a pecks like that… ill be delighted. But i wont ask anyone to delete it since that is part of my past. It saddens me how he wants to eliminate it. It has nothing to do with corporate sponsors. Not unless your knocking on Catholic church doors then thats a different side of the story. But then again Isko Moreno is holding a vital position in city hall who started as a starlet in the late 80’s and a string of tittilating films under his belt. How about the king of pene films who is also the honorable mayor of Laguna. He has a shady past but he stood up and use his background in gaining local position. I guess my point is… the past is just a bench mark of what we are today. Wiping out history is not the answer. Youll just end up erasing every details of who you are.

If i were a famous blogger… i may have not received this message. Anyway… who am i? Im nobody! Siguro if im writing for Phil Star or Inquirer, my efforts are well accepted.

My blog post are like my little minions. I love everything. Because it takes time for me to write something. Im not a literary genius. Napakaraming grammatical error sa kada post ko kaya its hard for me to write a blog post.

But i guess someone has to start somewhere. Kahit na medyo emotional … ill give in to his request. Pabaon ko pa ang pag-delete ko sa 2009 blog post ko for you if you felt na medyo awkward to be featured by a gay blogger.

Goodluck to your future career goals.

the art of letting go (instagram quotes)

The advent of instagram is truly remarkable.  Its one of the most active app i have and one of the most endearing social networks that i joined in.  The rest of the world can follow you and show your affection through a 4×4 post.  I followed endearing accounts such as Lessons Learned in Life, I Like To Quote, Pin Quotes, Positive Outlooks and much more to give that extra push on my daily grind.  Here are some quotes that i had posted which reminded my self-worth and dont forget to follow me as well:

the ART of LETTING GO (picture series 1)


“The Art of Letting Go” series is one successful blog entry that i decided to create a whole new series from images found in the ever popular  site TUMBLR, LOVEQUOTESPLUS and SEARCHQUOTES.  So i decided to bring it back and compile ten beautiful quotes that will surely inspire you, (my dear readers) to finally ‘let go’.



4 easy steps guaranteed to make you SMILE!

Rejected by the guys whom you thought you’ll say ‘forever’ or he abandons you in the middle of nowhere without a word.

Maybe, you don’t like what you see in the mirror and seems that no one even finds you charming.

Better yet, you gave up because no one finds you attractive!!

Well… im no expert but everything i have described are the one i feel… today.

but there is yearning voice at the back of my head YELLING ‘SNAP OUT OF IT…MORON”. And we come to realize that listening would’nt hurt a bit but rather help us in finding ourselves once again.  Finally, another lightbulb moment: We fail to be happy cause we are not satisfied with what we have.

So here are a few satisfaction guidelines that i could you share and i hope that will help you as well:

    do not hold on to something that would never be yours

    do not fight for someone not worth fighting for

    do not cry for something lost, gone and inevitable

    appreciate what you have and be thankful for whatever things people give you

happiness is a mere conduct of the mind. Everyone can be happy as long as they really want too.

I want to be HAPPY and I WILL….

the Art of Letting Go (part 5)

MANTRA 41: when you hold someone, hold them like it’s the last time you’ll ever see them and when they go… don’t make reasons for them to stay… make reasons for them to return

MANTRA 42: In your life, you’ll take note of a lot of people.

One’s with whom you shared something special, will always mean something.  There’s the one you 1st kissed, the one you first loved, the one who 1st broke your heart, the one you’ll put on pedestal, the one your with right now and the who got away.

That person with whom everything was perfect but timing was just wrong.  No fault in the person, no flaw in the chemistry, but the cards just don’t fall the right way

MANTRA 43: the sand thought me ONE THING “you cant hold on too many things, no matter what you do to make them stay, and no matter how much they want to stay, the wind will always blow them away

so learn to let go and choose carefully which you want to stay, because like the sand, ‘only’ those which are in the center of your palm will last…

MANTRA 44: whats the difference between MOVED ON and I FORGOT YOU ALREADY.. wanna know?

When you say I FORGOT YOU ALREADY, you totally accept the fact that the person you call mine is not yours anymore.

But when you say I moved on, you just realized that its over but the feeling is still there.  Youre just ignoring it….

MANTRA 45: All suffering is caused by being in the wrong place.  If your unhappy where you are …


MANTRA 46: Do you know that the heart has no pain receptors?  So the next time someone breaks your heart, move on.  Your pain is just an illusion.  A temporary psychological disturbance that you have to overcome


No one ever gets tired of loving,

‘but everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting.

So snap out of it and learn to let go


You should not be sorry bout love.

Rather it should make you wonder that if you were once happy with the wrong one, how much more when the right one comes.

MANTRA 49: Ang pinakamahirap na parte ng paglayo sa taong di ka kayang mahalin, ay ang … bonggang bongang katotohanang di ka niya hahabulin


if theres one thing ive learned from falling in LOVE

its to stand up no matter how painful the cuts;

to fight for what I believe in and to wait.

Because even if I think now is the right time to give extra effort – waiting is even worth it

The Art of Letting Go – (cartoon edition)

Cartoons are not just your average children’s past time… it gives a distinctive lesson when times get tough and the only thing left to say is ‘goodbye’.  But the mere fact of letting thy parting words depart on thy sweet lips takes a lot of guts and courage and you need ‘someone’ to hold on to draw the power seems to be impossible, i would recommend that you get your nephews cartoon collection and swing those DVD’s to your player and drown yourself with their animated world.

Yup, because beyond the entertainment value it may give you to lighten thy burden, it imparts valuable lessons as well.  Read the quotes below and may you garner the strength to move on.

No matter how we try to be mature…

we will always be a kid when we all get hurt and cry

– Peter Pan

so shed thy tears.  Its OK! Even if your a guy.

It would ease up the burden and it wouldnt cause a penny to your manhood

Paano ba namamatay ang tao?

Pag binaril ba siya?

Pag nilason?

Pag hindi na humihinga?


Namamatay lang ang tao

Pag wala na siya sa puso at isipan ng iba.

Were so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us

that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are – Calvin and Hobbes

Some things aren’t meant to be kept forever.

You know you have to stop and let go when things aren’t going right and everything you did is unappreciated…

Remember what batman says?

Its wiser to be alone but happy…

than with somebody who does nothing while your doing everything