#halimawsabanga : one horror flick I can’t forget

My ever beloved friendship Raven reenacts his all-time favorite 1986 monster hit flick Halimaw Sa Banga (“monster in a jar” as directed by master director Mario O’ Hara). The Mother of all Pinoy monsters, Halimaw sa Banga have changed the way we look at antique jars. The film traumatized a lot of Pinoy kids the way “Freddie Krueger” and “Chuckie” of Child’s Play did to American audience.

Filipiknow.net wrote “The monster was actually an ancient witch who was killed, cursed and trapped inside the large jar a long time ago. From then on, every curious people who looks down inside the jar gets served as the monster’s dinner. Halimaw sa Banga is actually an episode of the two-part Halimaw film which won 3rd Best Picture award at MMFF. But thanks to its authentic scare tactics, this pale monster made it to Pinoy horror’s hall of fame (at least according to its trembling fans).

Hunkiest #Halloween #Tricks


Halloween has been one of the most awaited party every year.  You can be whoever you wanna be and party till the break of dawn – no judgement, no prejudice.

You can be whoever you are, be the exact opposite from real life.  A princess, a gladiator, a sinner or a saint.  The possibilities are endless.

Thats why each year, i love to feast my eyes with the hunkiest surprises as drop dead good looking men shed their trousers and flash their abs for one night. 

I guess if you dont have any idea on who you wanna be this year, below are some nifty ideas that im sure girls and gays will go “ga-ga” over you.





eerie love story

i know Halloween is over but i just happen to discover this long overdue text message that i have kept through the years…i found it eeerie and romantic….

BF and BOY story

BF: iiyak ka ba pag nawala ako? (will you cry if im gone?)

BOY: hindi (nope)

BF: talaga (sure?)

BOY: OO! (yup)

After three days the BF died in a vehicular accident.  The boy was shocked but he never shed a tear.  He did not cried even after kissing his BF when they open the coffin and finally bade goodbye.  Not a single word was heard from BOY and he kept that little red rose he found at his BF’s funeral.

After one day the boy committed suicide with a note saying ‘bakit kita iiyakan kung pwede naman kitang sundan…”  (why do i need to cry if i can follow you after life)

He is holding the little red rose on his right hand while clutching the little note on his left hand near his heart.

Happy Halloween!

a special halloween greetings

from all of my avid supporters & friends