The #hotties of #ManHuntSingapore2016

Promoting an event is hard.  It takes a lot of creative juices to spark up a public interest.  

Male pageants are no exception and it takes time and effort to present one batch per year… What will it make it stand out from last years batch! Well the current production of Manhunt Singapore 2016 has an amazing idea and its clamoring a “wave” of followers.  Swipe below and see my early favorites. Surf’s up

There is another guy in the #shower… what would you do Mr. #showerhead ?


Manila Philippines

Its as hot as hell!  Three showers in one day but still the lingering heat succumbs my entire body.  Its as if we are on the finger tips of the sun and we cant do anything about it.

Speaking of shower… what if you found another guy right in your shower room? Just askin if he can take a bath since Maynilad pestered their homes with some cranky trouble shooting with their main pipes.  What would you do if he invited you to have a shower with him “to save water”?  Like sleezy script off from a porno… LOL

Send your comments below and amaze me…









Do i get his name correct?  I hope so…

His name shows on this set of pictures and i cant help it – this guy is HOT!  Good job Image Catcher for this great photos.  I just hope that i have the capability to do such images… im aesthetically challenge. 

If ever you knew this guy and i got his name wrong… please write down your comment below.  If your a friend of this guy… i would love to have a Fan sign that i could feature on my blog. Hoping….





Top 10 Posts of ALL TIME

Not all posted lit’s on this blog are about boys wearing underwear or ‘wearing nothing at all’. I mean, there are other things you may want to read other than how ‘looong’ his penis is… seriously.

So let me bring out the list for TOP 10 POST of ALL TIME and i hope you’ll enjoy each entry:

Top 10 Posts of ALL TIME

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