#redshoechronicle : a guy a named Khent

I’m glad other Fairies are having fun with their chosen Prince Charming.  This is why I’m hesitant to post this new entry from mwah!
I admit that I do have a man crush over this guy sa Facebook which I literally launch a cyber stalking.  His name is Khent and his masseur storyline started when he is still employed in a local spa sa Laguna.  I forgot the name of the spa but I literally came across his name when a queen posted a glowing review about him.   Of course, I skipped to some of his narratives and went straight to the good stuff and his pictures.  And booooyyyyy…. #amazing

So immediately i included him on my “short list of delicious and delectable men” so when my birthday comes, I’ll have him as my birthday present.  It’s like opening a box of chocolates or like Christmas Day in mid October. 
I even have plans to travel as far as Laguna just to hire him.  I was searching for motels and how can I get to Laguna, travel time etc.  Literally, it’s like high school again trying to look for ways and means para Lang makita si “crushie “.
Until his talent was acquired by an online spa called Red Manila or Red Spa (I forgot the freakin name) facilitated by Edison Yu.  I know by now you may have recalled his post and his line up of masseur.  Nabasa nyo na siguro yung mga post sa “Mga Lalaking Masahista” or any groups who tackles “masahista”.  He has a group of masseurs under his wing that he facilitates.  I don’t know if you hired any of them, feel free to comment below with your experience or feedback so we can share wisdom and facts.

This kinda makes me sad granted pag na acquire na sila ng certain facilitator/managers unti unti na silang kinakain ng sistema.  But then again, I do have a huge crush on him kaya im  still willing to hire this guy for my birthday.
A lot of preparation, research etc.  it’s funny though, I only get to read a few reviews from my co fairies or I just cant simply find a link that tackles Khents services or the entire spas Performance sa Ibang clients etc. 
Soooo keribels…. I started negotiating via Facebook and this is how our conversation goes

Soooo with that in mind…siyempre ang Lola mo super excited.   Finally I’ll be meeting my super crush.   My expectations are higher now granted that he was asking too much way above SRP.  So siyempre ako naman…. day dreamer and babae Lang – asado pao.

LOOKS 8/10 – the moment he entered the room, my heart skips a beat.  He is gwapo, medyo edgy ng konti dahil I found out he is a rock band singer kaya may rock and roll and vibe siya.   His tattoos are the best…  I do love men with tattoos.  It give a little “umph” sa personality.  He is not that masculine… I think I expected too much.  Payat kasi siya so the figure come with it.   Wala na ang malaking tyan kasi nga payat si kuya.   Medyo kulay kaligatan but the height throws me off.   I mean … for me if you failed in one department like muscles division, you may want to give the height and the legs.   He stands 5’5″ ata kasi halos magkasingtangkad kami eh.   The legs are not properly constructed though…meaning kung nag lap dance ako sa kanya, di kakayanin pag biglaang kakandong ako sa kanya.
MASSAGE 1/10 – goodnessssss gracious Hindi pwede sa akin ang papindot Pindot lang.  gusto kong mag mala Barbara Tengco pero sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko “Girlllllll…… birthday mo and ginusto mo Ito di ba.”
ES 1/10 – for when a guy demanded for a rate, he got to perform well.  On this case, he asked for 4K which I haggled down to 3K.  So I am freaking expecting that you will pull out the big guns and shower me with man juice for Petes sake.

He did pull out his guns… nabigla ako ate. Di ko expected.  Ano Ito… water guns for 5 years old??????

Okay… I guess I’m not liking the whole scenario.  Parang gusto ko na Lang magwala at mag mala Cruella DeVille pero pinigilan ko na Lang ang sarili ko.  Gow pa rin si ate with my fighting spirit…ganern.  Sige higoppp…. chupssss…. sandali pagod na ako, di pa rin tumitigas.  

So we tried another position Baka naman may himala at bisitahin siya ng libog…. nang NASA marino position na kami…biglang humirit “Baka pwedeng dagdagan mo na ng 1k kasi kailangan ko ng pera, magpapagawa pa ako ng motor and magpapalabas naman ako eh”

Seriously kuya… your asking me this while I’m beneath you…naked. Ano Ito hold up?????? So I tried to say something “di ba napagusapan natin 3K all in….”

“Eh kasi yung 1K ibibigay ko pa sa spa…etc etc” 

Di ko na naintindihan ang sinabi ni Khent.  Nawalan na ako ng gana.  I just wanted to end the night.   Medyo nakakadismaya since he was my crush and this just happened.  After all the nice things that I’ve done.  I even bought him dinner Baka kasi pagod and gutom siya kasi galing byahe.  

Hayyyyyyy …. so I ended the night unsatisfied and gave away 4K.   What a night….
So I guess if you want to hire any of his services, a screenshot of their number is posted. 

#FBhottie : this #PalawanHunk will simply melt your heart away – Ron San Juan Ramos

In the height of Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016, I’m rooting for several candidates that surely tickles my fancy and my readers bet for this years pageant. One of them is Mr. Palawan Ron San Juan Ramos.

He is amongst my Facebook friends and normally gets updated through timeline. What I do like about him is the fact that he is not afraid to be himself regardless what the society may say against him. His gender equality advocacy remains in tact and set himself as an example. 

gender equality is not just about acceptance and social justice. It’s about respect, fairness and love regardless of sexual orientation. when there is gender equality, there is understanding. 

So let us get to know more about Ron as I lay out 15 Sizzling questions that will surely pull some strings out and  get to know a bit of his dark side.

Name and profession

Ron Ramos currently working in a BPO industry for about 5 years now.  

Three Apps which you are addicted to?

 Facebook, Pokemon Go & Knights and Squire

Favorite part of your body?
 my eyes   

  • (Yup…totally agree. Swoon worthy wanna melt if you’ll stare at me kinda guy – a.j.)

Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?  Bubble butt 😂 

PJs or boxers?

Boxers or briefs? Why?
boxers, makes me think more of what Ill expect 

Fast and hard or slow and passionate?  slow and passionate then fast and hard 
Weirdest turn on
when I smell someone’s sweat due to gym workout 🙂 

Three qualities that you like on your partner/boyfie? 

Caring, God fearing and sweet

Three things which will get you into bed? 

  1. passionate kisses 
  2. tight hugs 
  3. And chocolates 🙂 

One Deal-breaker that will launch “a dramatic walk out”?

  • nothing, i dont run from my problems, I face them with Great trust on God. 

Three beautiful destinations that you will highly recommend

  1. Palawan, My hometown 
  2. Vigan Ilocos Sur
  3.  Bolinao 

 Favorite night to party?
Saturday night 

Best party place in the metro

Hard drink or beer?  TBeer is my forte but I can do hard drinks as well 

So there you have it guys… Our candidate from Palawan.  He also needs your help.  Vote for him because I did.  

Let’s still continue Voting 🙂 Just Click the Link and Vote 🙂 Thanks 😜😜😜


#Rio2016Hottie: Ning Zetao of China 

Meet NING ZETAO, CHINA’s Hottest Olympic Swimmer. #Rio2016.   All eyes will be on this 23-year-old eye-candy when he takes off his clothes to make a big splash in the pool. 

Based on his online bio I found http://www.misterology.com “Ning Zetao is a competitive swimmer participating in this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Standing at 6’3”, this athlete is all lean muscle mass. Admirers can enjoy the sight of his chiseled six pack when he swims for the Chinese team in the Rio Olympics this year.

He’s not only great eye-candy, but he’s one hell of a fast swimmer too. Ning set the record for the 100-meter style as the first Asian man to swim the distance in under 48 seconds in 2015.  Ning was born in Zhengzou, China, and was raised in a military family. He is the only child of Ning Feng (father- who served in the Chinese air force ) and Liu Wenhong (mother – who worked in the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force ). 

He began swimming when he was eight years old and started training with the Chinese Navy Swimming Team by the time he turned 14. Ning had initially trained for the 200-meter and 400-meter individual medley races, but switched to sprint freestyle as a result of a chronic knee condition. Ning mostly competed in national competitions. He won first place in the 100-meter freestyle at the 2013 Chinese National Championships. 

In 2014, the record setting swimmer won gold in the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. He began making big waves in international competitions when he came in first for the 100-meter freestyle at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia. Ning is set to compete in the Rio Olympics 2016 for the men’s 100 meter freestyle on Aug. 9 and the men’s 50 meter freestyle on Aug. 11. #Rio2016Olympics” 

For MORE info, pls click this link: http://www.misterology.com/2016/08/05/meet-ning-zetao-chinas-hottest-olympic-swimmer/

#FBhottie: Allen Molina sizzles #bikini contest

Bikini open has been the most staple event whenever the midsummer air comes.   And so with 6 pack abs plus greasy torsos graces the stage from high end bars down to beer gardens and baranggay fiesta.

Of course, my kumare along with their hard earned money from a 12 hour salon duty with their golden pouches make sugod with their fave gay bars to drool over adonis-like men wearing skimpy black bikinis parades the center stage.

One guy caught my attention … allen molina.  This drool worthy guy snags one title to another last year and looking forward for more this year.  Who wouldnt fall in love with this guy… that smile… that body… ohhh lalala!  Scroll down and dont forget the tissue please…











Drooling over #JamesReid


The cosmo bash has been “the launch pad” of some of the most drool-worthy hunks in local tinseltown.  The list includes Rafael Rosel, Derek Ramsey, Luis Manzano, Tom Rodriguez etc etc etc.

I know its more than 6 months since the last cosmo shindig and im just blogging it right now.  I know youve googled his name a hundred times and played his quite dangerous stunt in you tube for more than 50x and add it at your favorite videos.   By the way, if he run for President right now, he would have won the election and probably will place our country back to world map for allowing good looks over brains. I just can imagine…  Pink panties will be flying in mid air on his declaration party.

Just look at his abs… his red red red lips and those eyes that could melt my g-string with a simple wink… haaaayyyy.

Here are some of his pictures i saved on my android just for this post. to cosmo bash creative team, waiting for next years new breed of bachelors










The #NakedTruth behind #Bench fashion show

I guess its not yet over until the fat lady sings.

Just found some pictures that i may have saved after the Naked Truth Fashion Show which i generously tucked in my android phone.   I managed to snagged it from Dominique Roques FB account which he generously shares to his FB fans.   Apparently he is one of the creative geniuses who con-cock-ted this years fashion gala.  He is hands-on, from initial screening until final call back of the male models.  (You may have been thinkin what im thinkin…)

Anyway, here are some pictures behind the scene







#TomRodriguez… i cant help but go ga-ga on you #Bench #TheNakedTruth


Do you know why i go ga-ga over Tom Rodriguez?

He is a great actor, artist by hand and by heart, nice set of teeth and my… oh my… drop dead gorgeous!!

And not to mention…. the BIG BULGE which is noticeably… oh my… no words can describe such GREATNESS.

Latest testament to this living “hunk-a-licious” God given angel is his latest stint with Bench Underwear Show.

Thank you Ben Chan… thank you.  Your one angel who kept on giving… you give and give and give and give… the whole gay kingdom are forever in debt.

To my gay readers… please scroll down and dont forget those tissues






Aljur Abrenica: #PersonaNonGrata

Pinasok na ata ng hangin ang utak ni Aljur Abrenica when he filed to “end his mother contract” with GMA 7.  The network described the ordeal as

‘very unfortunate’

“GMA Artist Center has not been remiss in its duties as his manager, practising a consultative style of management with Aljur. With his best interest in mind, this practice has accorded him every opportunity to personally assess all offers to reach a mutual agreement.”

“GMA Network has equally given him projects, some of which were lead roles in the Network’s primetime programs.”

“Aljur is a home-grown GMA talent who was discovered through the reality search, Starstruck, in 2007.”

Aljur should have thought about this action thoroughly.  Dapat pinagtuunan nya muna ang pag-aaral ng proper acting hindi yung puro papa-kyut lang ang alam niya.  He should have considered the fact that GMA invested a lot on him.  Kahit na nga palpak ang mga TV serye nya at hindi karaniwang nag-rerate eh pinagtyagaan pa rin siya.  Remember “Machete”… tumagal nga lang ata ito ng isang buwan sa ere.  How about yung movie nya na hindi naman ata tumabo sa takilya – “My Kontrabida Girl”.  Tinambal pa siya kay Rhian Ramos ah.  Pinagtyagaan kong panoorin ang movie na ito dahil mega crush ko naman talaga si Aljur Abrenica pero dyusko ang akting… ansakit sa panga.  May eksena pa nga rito na nasa gitna sila ng palayan ni Rhian.  Medyo heavy na dapat ang aktingan pero parang walang dating.  Ang ginawa ni direk, nagpaulan na lang para madaya yung eksena. Para mukhang umiiyak si Aljur bwahahaha.

San naman siya sisiksik…sa ABS CBN?  Dahil ingit na ingit siya sa career ni Paolo Avelino?  Dyuskoday!!! Di ba niya naisip na kaya di naman napansin dati si Paolo sa GMA eh dahil nakatutok sila sa kanya dahil siya nga yung Big Winner by that time.  Eh kung may choice lang naman ang GMA 7 by that time eh di sana mas binigyan nila ng priority si Paolo.

Tigilan mo nga ako Aljur… kanino ka lalaban sa ABS? Kina John  Lloyd at Gerald?  Magaral ka muna ng Ingles… yung straight english bago ka mag-inarte. Nakakakulo ka lang ng ulo!