Some straight men does not know the meaning of #shower. No wonder, #StraightGirls fall in love with #GayMen


Shower – composed of water and soap.  Highly recommended that you take it right before you leave your house or after a sweaty task.  Dont forget to arm yourself with deodorant ad it comes hand in hand.

What makes straight men think that they are Gods gift to womenkind and gayhood and even without hitting your shower head, youll be adored… and worst fondled???!!

I have a colleague who comes in the office without thinking twice if he took a bath or not.   Since he is “tooo healthy”, what he usually does is he walks goin to the office.   He walks at least 10miles from the train station goin to our building.  Fine… its a healthy regimen but you got to swipe off the water from your body and change your clothes… change your underwear too once you hit the office! You can just imagine how awful he smells like once he hit an air conditioned office.  And he often wonders, why he does not have a girlfriend?  Oh for the love of gawd!

Another straight guy from work who loves wearing jackets.  A jacket can be used at least 2 or 3 times granted that you dont use it outside the office.  But once you use it outside, men you got to change it and drag another jacket on the next day.  Sweat and dirt lives on your jacket… regardless if you just wore it once.


Then you see why woman adores gaya guys and they also fall in love with their GBF. We know what hygiene means we have the killer looks to match our wittines.  Not to mention, we love fashion and knows how to use clothes to our advantage