#rain is just #confetti from the sky

There are two ways to look on a coin and that depends on whether you would like to see the most obvious reason rather than to see what is beyond it. I fully respect everyone’s opinion and people may see it differently. I like to see the #positivevibes of a situation and use this as my platform for an#awesomeday . People would say that I’m ūü•ú and I full understand why but their opinion is not important. What is important to me is how perceive a bad situation and turn it as a beacon positivity.

tula para kaya Chito

Ohh Chito

Ohhhhh wooohh Chito

Pang matinee idol ang boses mo

Kahit porma mo ay pang kanto


Pagdating sa boses kong sintonado

Binibirit kanta mong tiyak na panalo

Inspirasyon nang sawing puso

Pang resbak ng kaluluwang natalo


Pero sana kahit minsan

Bigyang halaga ang atensyong nakukuha

Dahil ang sa aming paghanga

Walang parokya kung walang tagahanga


Ngunit ano ito

Kumakalat mong video

Alam mong isa kang HERO

Sa mata nang tao


Walang problema kung i-video mo

Pagtatalik nyo ng syota mo

Bebot mo naman siya, di tulad ni hayden kho

Pero sana tinago mo.


Kung pwede, kinandado mo.


Ang sabi… siya raw ay i-respeto
Nagkakamali rin ‘pagkat tao

Sa aming mundo
Ikaw ay isang idolo
Para kang santo .. bro

Bakit naman kasi kailangan mo pang i-video

Sana tinago mo


Saying chito

Sayang na sayang talaga chito

Hanggang kanta na lang siguro

Ang pag-idolo ko sa yo


the art of letting go (instagram quotes)

The advent of instagram is truly remarkable. ¬†Its one of the most active app i have and one of the most endearing social networks that i joined in. ¬†The rest of the world can follow you and show your affection through a 4×4 post. ¬†I followed endearing accounts such as Lessons Learned in Life, I Like To Quote, Pin Quotes, Positive Outlooks and much more to give that extra push on my daily grind. ¬†Here are some quotes that i had posted which reminded my self-worth and dont forget to follow me as well:¬†http://instagram.com/the_world_of_aj

the ART of LETTING GO (picture series 1)


“The Art of Letting Go” series is one successful blog entry that i decided to create a whole new series from images found in the ever popular ¬†site TUMBLR, LOVEQUOTESPLUS¬†and SEARCHQUOTES. ¬†So i decided to bring it back and compile ten beautiful quotes that will surely inspire you, (my dear readers) to finally ‘let go’.