ECO-friendly santacruzan ng mga BEKI



The things you can do with a piece of trash!  Just take a colorful idea, creative hands and a whip of my fairy dust!!!

The account that i’m working with often posted challenges amongst peers.  Just to spice things up from the monotonous and often stressful life of a call center agent.  For this challenge, our main task is to create a beautiful gown made out from trash / indigenous or recyclable materials.  Just like “PROJECT RUNWAY and PROJECT ACCESSORIES”  all rolled into one … but with a Filipino twist.  The main theme is Flores de Mayo so expect the most elaborate pieces from this side of town.  Its one successful event that my friend Chaz Zenith has created.  Everyone participated and adored the fabulous masterpieces. I just hoped that there will be another event like this.

I posted below some of my friends creations… of course ang na-post ko lang ay yung mga beki since my blog is solely dedicated for LGBT.  Find out who i am amongst the featured ‘sagalas’… scroll down girl.


BLACK IS BACK: Black Party 2011 @ Malate Manila

THIS IS IT!  The annual BLACK PARTY is back endorsed by no less than ANNE CURTIS.  October 29, 2011 – @Orosa/Nakpil, Malate, Manila.

Be there and wear the tiniest black shirt you could pull out from your closet!


Beyonce got competition!


YUP!!  if i may add… THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT  would have been the three nymphet who performs Beyonce’s latest massive hit ‘All the singele ladies’

They have completed the full dance routine amazingly!  They have definitely ace the full performance!!!   I have seen a lot of performances from other cross dressers but this ONE is THE BEST!!!  I  just wish na na video-taped ko yung performance nila … anyway, just enjoy the pictures.  Even their make-up are flawless!!!!






though cats and dogs were pouring last friday (May 16, 2008), the united effort of four clans in G4M namely ALMULA, G4M BICOLANOS, PINOY WE ‘MENS’ and FABS 30′S & 40′S who brings a rare event at BED MALATE was a SMASHING SUCCESS!


True…i was there to witness everything


me and my fairy godson ‘melvin’ arrived at the venue before 10:30PM.  By that time, the rain has stopped and i was greeted by old buddies including Gyminstrctr and Dencio. then, a pack of fab members led by dada roto ushered the doorway.  i met a lot of interesting and lovely individuals which i wouldnt mention in this post.  (Mainly because they are too many to mention.)  The pictures in this post are the evidence that BED still rules the Malate nightlife!! (to BED mngt, i hope you forgive me by taking a few snap shots!!)


then after 30 minutes onwards, the bar is full and jampacked by familiar and new faces.  everyone is in a fiesta atmosphere and you could feel the love in the air as everyone dance the night away. 


to everyone who made the MAY 16 EVENT possible… congratulations!


** orginally posted last May 16, 2008 from my old blog