#RedShoeChronicle : my virginal experience with #96Essensa

They say that “ you won’t forget your first time “.

There is always a #FirstTime in all aspects of life – first doll, first cupcake, first rose you got, traveling alone for the first time etc. heeeeeeep…. I know “lakas-maka-Virginia-Dimaculangan” ang dating ng intro nuh but it’s true-ly electrifying expialidotious experience when I met my first masseur at Essensa. Ayan ah…para ma-set na ang expectations nyo.

Anyhow, it was the Grand eyeball of #FairiesandFortress headed by the one and only –Miss Fierce. I won’t go to details regarding this eyeball and I might as well create a new blog entry kasi andaming kapupulutan ng aral sa pagkikitang yon… CHARRIIIING!

Fast forward… that night is set to attack the so-called #96Essensa dito sa may Quezon City. I have no idea about this so-called spa kaya pinapaubaya ko na Lang sa mga fairies kung san ako dadalhin ng mga paang Ito. 96Essensa is located @ 69 Kamias Road, Quezon City

It’s like a hole in the wall kinda location na Hindi mo Basta mapapansin lalo na sa umaga. It does have a small signage sa labas pero di naman ganun kaextravagant. Siguro kung madalas kang napapadaan dito lalo sa gabi or madaling araw… mapapansin mo Lang siya dahil maraming nakatambay na eye candy sa labas… hahahaha. Sa mga old school girls… you could get in touch through Landline +63 2 504 1464

The fairies has their own choices that night. Dahil nga birthday week ko naman kaya nagpaubaya na ang Ibang fairies nang piliin ko si Louie. I think he is the #StarMasseur for the said spa. Ika nga sought after dahil kabikabila ang mga bookings nya. This FR maybe “one-of-the” sa mga nag testimonial sa kanya plus highly recommended by “the queen” itself so I can’t help to “put my hands on him” ika nga ng infamous lines ng Essensa boys.

We were greeted by Mama Rey which is our main contact sa Essensa. They have several managers in Essensa pero ms madaling makagaanan ng loob si Rey. Mababait rin naman ang iba pero I like him kasi masiyahin and very honest on how he approach his clients. Walang drama… walang pasikot sikot!

Until I saw him…. Awwwww…. Ang gwapo naman pala sa personal. Kinilig ng bahagya ang kiffy ko. Slight lang friends… tee hee.

When Rey finally introduced me to Louie… I guess parang nag gosh ako ng slight at medyo namula ang mala porselana kong kutis. Para akong si Kim Chiu ang peg. Biglang nag slow motion ang paligid tas ang camera lens nagfocus sa mukha kong mala anghel. Medyo blurred ang paligid para kitang kita ang emotion sa mata kong nangungusap. May pahawi ng hair sa tenga ng slight Lang naman tas biglang blush sa pisngi kasi nga mala porselana ang kutis ko then biglang umawit ang matamyos na theme sone “ikaw na ba si Mr. Right… ikaw na ba ang lab of my layp? Ikaw na ba ang icing sa cupcake ko?”

Para akong hihimatayin sa kilig… eeep sandali naiihi ako literal.

Tatlong palapag ang Essensa. But I think May isa pang palapag na Hindi ko pa na explore. Isa palang ang kilala kong fairy na nakagamit ng ika-apat na glorya pero di ko muna reveal ang name ng masseur na itey. Sa third floor, it has four cubicles. Pagpasok mo may foam na nakalatag sa wooden floor and tanging manipis na kurtina ang nagsisilbing pinto sa parisukat na langit. Makinis and well maintained ang bawat cubicle.

Louie politely asked for permission. Sabi nya maghahanda daw muna siya. I nodded and gave him a sweet smile. Parang teen edyer Lang and sabay sabi sa pinaka manipis kong boses “ok…. Ill wait. Take your time pow”. Wooooooow. Wish you could hear me, Panigurado Baka binatukan mo ako dahil sobra akong sweet eh.

While waiting… nag imbestiga muna ako and tumingin tingin sa paligid. Over all… Makinis naman. Lawanit ang dingding ng cubicles kaya maririnig ang mga halinghing sa kabilang kwarto. No foul smell so far taliwas sa mga review sa FR. Ang banyo…Malinis naman. Sana nga Lang may mga sabon sa lahat ng palapag hahaha.

 Yung and bang fairies like Maxine occupies the other room.  She got Jason that night while Another fairy – Renzo got Miguel.

Oops… got to get back. Baka dumating na si Prince Charming.

“Sir… sorry napatagal” wika niya na super sincere

Unti unti akong tumingin sa kanya and Me likey ….. isang malaking LUNOK!

He is wearing just his undies. He is not muscular based on my standards but wooooooow…. His sex appeal spilled over his cup.

Simula na po tayo sir”… awww music to my ears

ATTITUDE 9/10 – sooooo polite. I don’t know if age shows or that’s how he communicate with his client but the guy is sooo polite. Probably that’s how they were brought up by their handlers. I don’t know if it’s superficial but I guess it’s nice to have these type of demeanor.

LOOKS 9/10 – if this guy will start to go to the gym and be serious with his program, he will snagged the clients of other masseurs. Did I not described how much I ogle right in front of him when I was first introduced to him. Damn it… my libido rising. Maybe because of those tattoos that gives him so much personality. Why 9 if obviously I want to bring him home for keeps… because there is still room for improvement. He can start building those muscles so he will be the best amongst the rest.

TOOL 7/10. – come on guys. We’re talking about the size of his manhood. For me, it’s average. Wait… I know kung anong gusto nyong sabihin… Hindi ako #SizeQueen! Grabe ang mga judgemental sa Mundo. Hindi pa tapos ang review kaya hintayin nyo performance rate card ko.

MASSAGE 6/10- hmmm…. I was sooo infatuated feeling ko nga ako si Kim Chiu that I did not look forward sa massage part. Don’t get me wrong … I did avail the massage granted kasama siya sa binayaran kong package. I won’t miss it for any reason dahil yun nga ang pinunta ko sa Essensa- magpamasahe above everything else bago ako makipaglampungan. His massage is technical, nothing out of the box. I did ask for hard strokes and though he can’t do it well, at least nandun yung effort nya. Nothing so spectacular about the massage part kaya nga wala akong mashare maxado. But the massage was tooo short based on the agreed time. Just saying…
I did used this time para ma kilala ko siya ng lubusan.  Interview session…ilabas si Tito Boy.  I learned kung san siya nag aaral, his family background…so sweet kid.  Naantig ang PUSO ko kasi Lukas naman talaga akong mabait at maunawain… CHAROT! 

ES 10/10 – the transition from ES and massage was a bit abrupt. He got to go tinkle kasi kaya I know it is coming. I read a lot of His FR from a site so I know most likely what I will expect out from him. Ika nga I came prepared …

When he get back.. I think nag shower siya muna ng onti. Ngumangalot ako ng mentors by that time and I swear nararamdaman ko ang kuntil ko na medyo na excite hehehehhe.

Sir…pwede bang humingi nyan…” while pointing sa mentos na hawak ko.

“Sure” sabay abot.

After taking at least two mentos… he slowly kisses me. Awwwwww dyusmiyo Marya katilpo! Very fresh ang breath ni kuya. Mentos pa more. (Segway lang: I know his reviews about his breath etc but on my encounter with him. Did not smell anything. Well yes… thanks to mentos which probably works for his favor…. But come on guys. Who wants to kill his mojo?)

He slowly caress my nape, my neck and back to paradise. Torrid kissing to the max which is one of my favorite sa menu. He will let you feel that you’re the only person in the world. I feel that I’m the queen and he is my soldier more than willing to give his all … nasaan ang king ate! Dyusmiyo wag mo munang hanapin yung hari, mas bata mas masarap hahahaha.

He slowly pull out the condom. Ako na ang unti unting nagsuot sa kanya. Pinaliguan ko ng KY jelly and I’m sooo ready to bring it on. Ahhhhhh…

Pusan gala. Awwwwww…. I can feel it. How he moves… gently then fierce. Ano nga pala name ko? Shet I forgot! Did I not mention that he is average… but how he uses his tool is incredible. He knows his material well and I’ve got to say… alleluia!

DAMAGE: average is Php 2500 which includes spa fee. But since he performs well, I added additional 500. Pero parang deep within, he deserves more… so I added an additional Php700. Kill me. Throw stones at me but he deserves what I gave him monetarily.

REHIRE….HUGE YES. So if you’ll drop by essensa, don’t forget his name Louie… ohhhhh Louie

#RedShoeChronicle: not so Xtraordinary @ #96Essensa with #Zander

It was one of those reviews that you just have to write agad agad…

And Im that kind of writer na super extreme…either im tooo overwhelmed or tooo mad because of a certain scene na parang di ko mapapalampas!   

My readers won’t like me after this but somehow, sometimes a fellow needs to speak up.

#BORING and #OVerPriced… I learned these two hashtags this evening

Based on my previous post, if you were reading closely, last week I booked a guy named Zander na #NoShow during the actual deed. But ergo, I got a great experience with Xian of Essensa. I love the fact that some of my friends are now closely looking on his profile and eventually hiring him…. He is a great catch and Hindi ako mapapahiya if anyone would read my previous blog post. “one of the best Massuer’s in Essensa that I would highly recommend.” 

This evening was special. The guy that I loooong to hire with so much hiatus is available. Yes… I have a bit of a crush sa kanya dahil gwapo at matangkad siya and super kinis. I did described how I first met him based on a previous blog entry and how I loooong for this day to finally hire him. 

My co-fairy dragged our weary ass on a Sunday night to fulfill our carnal desires. A friend were on the middle of his session with Xian when we arrived. So… naisip na Lang namin na kitain siya pagkatapos and eventually yayain siya after for a few drinks. My fairy friend snagged Jarred which I have to make a review pa. Sus…. So many boys, so little time. 

Well…. I guess my dreams are about to be fulfilled by Zander. 

When we entered the lair (hahahahha grabe lair talaga!) he was asking why did I picked over others…. I responded by saying… “ako yung client mo last week… I waited for you. Sabi ni Khaye lumabas Ka Lang at may sinundo pero inumaga na ako dito pero wala Ka pa. Kaya I opted na kumuha na Lang ng iba.”

“Ay sorry po ser… ikaw po pala yun. Di ba malakas ang ulan last week eh Hindi na ako pinauwi ng regular client ko kaya di na ako nakarating.” 

Oops… he was with “his regular client” pero iba explanation sa akin ni Khaye na may sinundo etc. In terms on how I deal with this “extra hobby”, I’m direct to the point. I even asked His handler by that time yung whereabouts nang otoko na itey and just be honest kung NASA client man siya. I don’t want to waste my time lalo na maghintay. It’s like hours that I cant bring back and that’s a huge NO for me. 

Anyway… I don’t dwell with issue kaya I dropped it the moment I entered the lair. Pagpasok ko pa Lang, parang narinig ko na ang mga anghel sa langit at masayang umaawit na parang operatic and dating… hahaha! 

Attitude 7/10 – polite. That’s the only word I can think of. He uses “po” and “opo” dahil anLakas makagurang. I asked him to drop it Pero he did explained that everyone in Essensa were thought to say such. I don’t want to push so much that’s why I gave in. 

Looks/body 8/10 – the guy is handsome…. Sobra.. did I say na Crush ko na siya nang una ko siyang masilayan. Kumanta pa nga si Kim Chiu sa background “ikaw na ba si Mister Right… ikaw na ba ang icing sa cupcake koooooo?” If the evening turns out well, I would have asked for another session and booked for another round….. plus no bad odor at all. kaya Lang his looks department is not that enough to fill in my sensual desire. I guess, dahil gwapo nga…  

Massage 5/10 – am I expecting too much? Well with his body frame, his height and huge hands… yes I am. The last time I check, the sign said “spa”. But then again, I can’t asked for too much. His technique is soooo technical (anu ba yun… walang kwentang mag describe)

Ok.. spa quality. Yan ang description ng ilang hitad na kung makapag FR eh wagas. He did asked the mandatory question kung “hard or moderate”. I responded by saying “hard baby… hard to moderate “. Nothing too explosive or monumental sa massage. I can still remember when I did ask him “konting diin pa dear”… he tried siguro but I guess that is the best that he can do. funny… this only lasted mga 30 minutes siguro. 

Isang plus for him siguro ay hindi siya masalita which I appreciate kasi ayoko rin namang dumaldal habang nagpapamasahe. 

Tool 4/10 – hep…Alam ko tumatakbo sa isip mo ng mabasa mo ang rating ng tool nya. Pagbigyan mo Lang akong mag explain… its average naman. Hindi ko kasi nakita ng fully erect…. Siguro 5 inches long… Sinukat ko pa sa bibig ko habang subo ko ang notrilya nya pero di man Lang ako nabilaukan. Hindi siya super hard… I don’t know why pero siguro hindi nya lang ako bet. Gusto ko sanang magpausok ng insenso at Baka nasapian si junjun junior kaya di siya tinitigasan. Siguro kung ako si Anne Curtis…. Ay sus sino ba niloloko ko – kahawig ko si Ai Ai delas Alas kaya siguro ganun ang reaction ng junjun nya. Takutin ko kaya? USO naman dahil malapit na ang todos los Santos di ba. Baka kasi pag nagulat eh biglang tumigas.. 


ES 4/10 – susmarya…. Napagod ako. I don’t know where to start and I guess the next thing you’ll read are all “rants”. Forgive me. With my Girl Scout honor “I will do my best” 

Spell boring. As in. Walang fireworks… no passionate kisses. Wala. Walang himallllaaaaaaa! 

With my loud mouth, I did asked these things to his handler through a mutual friend. Unulit ko rin ang mga ganitong tanong sa gabing hindi ako sinipot. I’ve read somewhere regarding this guy and a few advices from a friend… pero siyempre Hindi ko pa naman natitikman kaya di rin ako makapag conclude. Medyo hesitant na rin ako when I was asked kung sino ang iBook ko that night with the series of unfortunate events but I can’t judge him naman just because he got a bad FR by another time pixie fairy. Magagalit si bimby nyan (with Kris Aquino tone) 

Going back, his torrid kisses is not true. It’s a smack. Tangnadis. Nabilang ko ata yun…siguro Hindi hihigit sa mga 40 kisses yun. As in. 

 His tongue action… sus… parang kumuha Ka ng krayola tas “nag small circle big circle” Ka sa utong ko. I did show him how when its my turn…. Ang pagdila ko sa kanya from his singit to his utong with supsup on the side and I did not even get a porno reaction. Slurp dito slurp doon…. Wala, putek. Dedma. 

Hindi pwede ito… anlaki ng TF ni kuya (which I will describe later… magagalit ka sa akin). Kailangan masulit ko ito. I started on top with his baby junior. It is not fully erect kaya I made a few attempts. Nang pinasok na…siyet di ko maramdaman…  

Commercial: nakapag attend Ka na ba ng acting class? Madalas Maririnig mo… even the great Jaclyn Jose once uttered… wala akong mapaghugutan sa kaekesena ko. Excatly my point… wala akong mahugot na libog sa kapartner ko. 

He was just there… no moaning… nothing. 

Then I think at one point to save his erection he opted for dog style. Siyempre I have to think fast… it seems lalabasan na siya (dyuskoooo di pa kami nagtatagal ah) kaya I asked him na magpalabas sa likod ko… 


Sabi ko kung lalabasan Ka na, Hugutin mo titi mo then Alisin ang condom tapos magpalabas Ka dyan sa likod ko. Gusto kong maramdaman na nilabasan Ka. 

“Sa likod po nyo ser?” 

Sa likod ko …yes. Hindi sa loob ng puke ko. Sa likod. 

Yes…sooo graphic. That’s how the conversation go. My fangs and my horns starts to show. 

He did cum… I felt it. But I’m nowhere near nirvana.   
Next chapter… nagbabati na ako. I’m loosing my libido and Ive got to catch it fast…. And si zander. He was on my side. Pagod. Walang ginagawa. “Hello … Houston we have a problem” 

I tried to pull him towards me. He is a bit hesitant kasi nga puro pawis ako but still… I pulled him near me. He laid on top of me without doin anything….. NOTHING AT ALLLLLL. No kisses.. nothing. 

I asked him to lay flat and for heaven sake I played the role of “Top”. Kanyod dito kanyod doon… goodness. The last time I work hard this much is when I had a boyfriend circa 1900’s. Pero I like what I’m doing by that time kaya nag TOP ako sa kanya. Eh ngayun… I’m staring at a lifeless fuckin doll with great ass…that’s it. Layla dee…. Pintihaya ko naman ang otoko at Baka sa mga singit nya makita ko ang nirvana… kanyod dito kanyod doon. He is not even making an effort. Hindi nya naman inipit talaga.   

Ay sus… I give up. Sobrang pagod ko.   


“Sige ok na…” 


“Its ok…pagod na ako” 

Tonight… my cum is not invited. 

Damage: mahabang kwento ito. Makinis ka muna. When we are about to start the ES and when he politely offered it to me… 

“Magkaliwanagan muna tayo…. Php2500 all in na yan.” 

“2500.00 plus 500 for the spa po.” 

Medyo nagpanting ang tenga ko. Pero sige I opted to give in. Maguumpisa pa Lang kami mga mare and I don’t want to spoil the evening. 

When I was on top of him and I was about to push baby junior sa aking kweba ng kalangit langitan… “ser….” Almost whsipery “dagdagan nyo na lang ng 500…magpapalabas rin naman ako eh” 

This is black mail. I wanted to shout. Mag eskandalo bumaba at humanap ng mambabarang. Akala ko ba napagusapan na namin ito right before the we do the deed. May huling hirit sa tag init. Your asking me this when your about to fuck meeeee. Oh come on…. 

Everything in my head. In this life… there are things that I care about. Ayoko ng mapahiya ang mga taong nagpakilala sa akin sa happy place na Ito and I will not create a scene dahil sa pera. Wala sa bokabularyo ko ang gumawa ng eksena na ikakapahamak ng iba. 

Rehire: pusang gala…. Tinanong mo pa ako! Huuuuuuuugggggggeeeee NOOOOOOOOOOO!  If you want to hire him 


Revitalizing Spa

69 Kamias Road, Quezon City

Landline +63 2 504 1464

MANAGER “KHAYE” +63 906 862 5468

P.S. masarap palang sumigaw at pumalahaw sa loob ng gay bar. Pramis… walang makakarinig hahahahhaha 

#RedShoeChronicle: Xtraordinary Xian of #96Essensa

Word of the day… #surprised!

I have a few guys left on my list up for a review but I opt to create a review for this guy first. So lemme start by saying #LifeisFullofSurprises

It’s another essensa night for the Fortress group led by the one and only Ms. Fierce. But of course this night won’t be possible without the detailed planning of her majesty. So each fairies pick their bet and coordinated with the event POC which is Khaye of Essensa. I pick a guy named Zander. Nakita ko na siya ng una kong punta sa Essensa and quickly planned to pick him pagbalik namin after Louis and Jarred. So it was one week of day dreaming and fantasies while doodling his name to mine…. High school Lang ang peg. There were days na gusto mo n Lang matapos para makadaupang palad mo na ang man of your dreams. Of course can’t deny the fact na nag research rin ako on how he performs so I psyched myself on his weakness versus my expectations. Ganun ko siya pinaghandaan. 

Until the fateful evening come… wala siya!  


Khaye explained na may binili or sinundo Lang siya. So ok… smile Lang muna. Pa sweet muna… medyo kinakabahan. I have friends and willing to wait naman po…. Parang Kumain Ka Lang sa a howling ang peg. I’ll just enjoy the company of friends while waiting. 

Lumalalim na ang gabi… wala pa rin Zander. So follow up uli…  

Isa pang follow up dahil tapos na ang first batch ng mga fairies… sweet akong nag follow up. Wala pa ring hanapin…

Ava Maria santisima… anong oras na… Asan na??? I can almost hear myself sa kulit which I personally don’t like.

Khaye can’t give me a straight answer so she opted to suggest another guy named JOJO. 

I’m not totally sold to it… I need other head! 

Then I started to talk to Rey of essensa. He quickly responded and suggested Xian instead. Me as a picky customer, parang kilalang kilala na ako ni Mama Rey. Sabi nya “kanina pa kita na obserbahan and lahat ng mga nakuha mo sa mga Alaga ko. Kanina ng nagsuggest sila pero kita sa mukha mo na Hindi bet. Hindi ako mapapahiya Kay Xian bet…. The best yan” 

I was ready to retire and surrender that night. I was being pressured to pick a guy. Are these my choices? Gusto ko ng umuwi… papa can you see me? Papa can you hear me? I’m sooo ready to blurt a song of sorrow. 

Finally made a decision.. “sige mother, si Xian na lang po.” I can’t even pronounce his name right. Argghhhhh! 

 I was singing “body and soul” by Billie Holiday. I was counting each stairs. Mabigat ang loob… 

“My heart is sad and loneeellllyyyyy…”. I retired to the fact that this will be a huge disaster. I pity my masseur kasi I surrendered to the fact that I won’t be satisfied. 

He was polite naman. He showed me the room and I simply nodded. “Noooooooo this is not me. Sobrang tahimik ko.” Nagpaalam muna siya na punta muna siyang CR. So I prepared na lang and waited for him. 

Looks/body 8/10 – the guy is a cutie pie. Come to think of it… even if I was sooo psyched to meet Zander intimately. He has clear skin and no foul odor at all. Super maalaga siya kasi Ivan still remember he has this bagpack during the deed. Sobrang handa siya and he even has this sweet and musky perfume that he wore that sets the mood. A bit of a chubby side siya… some will appreciate this physique. Me…Tama lang kasi I’m more of sa abs…. it’s a fantasy that I can’t whisk it.

Attitude 10/10 – very polite. I know it was in the wee hours of the morning when I finally decided to pick him but he was all smiles pa rin when we thread our way to the room. Very respectful and he got few jokes up his pocket na mapapatawa Ka. He is a great catch.

Massage 10/10 – I was laying flat until he came wearing his briefs. Good job… handa na si kuya. Malapit na mag umaga kaya Baka nagmamadali na. He politely asked kung hard ba or moderate…. I quipped “hard to moderate”. Though medyo maliit ang physical attributes ko.. I’m picky pagdating sa massage dahil mataas ang tolerance level ko. I guess Im a huge fan of massage so I know if ginawang chess board ang likod ko because of sloppy technique.  

Dito nagpakilala si Xian. 

Grabe ang hagod and massage. He knows what he is doing and he made me feel that I’m a Goddess. Napaungol na Lang ako sa sobrang sarap. Every strokes are well calculated and he knows kung nasaan ang mga pressure. He did not say a word which I do appreciate. Some masseur are too chatty trying sell their wares. He doesn’t. He will show what a good massage is. He also do a combination and stretched my tired and stressed muscles to oblivion. Napa sheeeettt Lang ako! And grabeeee napatunog nya rin ang likod ko. Normally, im too hesitant with this technique kasi its detrimental dun sa receiver especially kung Hindi marunong ang gagawa. He did it well… akala ko may bago akong likod. Sobrang ansarap. I have lower back pains kaya sometimes it’s too hard for me to sit. After massage, it seems na parang nagdahilan lang dahil nawala yung pain. Until now while, I’m writing this blog entry… walang unan or whatsoever to support my lower back. Ang gaan gaan ng feeling. Plus yung mga lamig ko sa likod na sobrang laki na at parang holen… pinuntirya nya. Yup medyo masakit habang dinudurog nya kasi nararamdaman ko eh pero he did it well. Ang gaan sa loob.  

I would rate him 10/10. If may tataas pa… dun ako. 

Tool 8/10. A bit average for my taste. I know…please don’t throw stones at me. Its just my opinion but he does use his tool very well 

ES 10/10. You will never regret it. It’s wild and amazing.   

“Sir umpishan ko na ba?” 

Ito ang mga katagang nang gising sa akin…medyo nakaidlip na ako dahil sa sobrang sarap ang masahe. “Ay oo sige…” 

Dito na ako pinatikim ng langit…. Super wild. Super torrid kissing. I thought mawawalan ako ng hininga. He devoured me with those sweet soft lips. He slowly caress my neck with his lips…slowly but passionately. I could feel every kisses… ahhhhhh. No words to describe. 

Then he asked me to give him a blow job. He was clenching my head, begging me for more. I swear I don’t mind loosing some hair kung Ganito naman kasarap.  

Then he slowly slip the rubber and slip into me…. Oh gawwwddd  

I can feel his tool and though it’s average for me… he knows how to use it. I was moaning too loud by that time and I was extra happy. I don’t care … I felt I’m a hentai porno queen ready to explode at anytime.   

Damage: 2500 all in since this is the minimum rate of th spa but added another 500 for a job well done. 

REHIRE. Oh yes… anytime. Anyday and any way. For inquiries pls look for Rey of Essensa 09266581730

#RedShoeChronicle presents: A sort of an unfortunate event at #PinkParadise with Romnick

His name is Romnick.  Reminiscent of the 80’s heartthrob Romnick Sarmenta who gained popularity through a love team with Sheryl Cruz that popularized fantasy films from a local film outfit which includes dwarfs, magic and fairytales while singing “pa-tweetums nail biting cheeky melody” that even the scariest tattooed kanto boy will just simply utter “eeeeeeeeewwwwwww”.

“Mr. Dreamboy… Mr. Dreamboooooooy”

It was my first meet-up with the head mistress of a local FB group that aptly titled “fairies and fortress”.  Details on my succeeding post, it was one delightful evening comparing notes with some of the most eligible bachelors in the metro seeking the same adventure.  

Fast forward.

It’s time for me to pick my masseur.   It’s my first time sa Pink Paradise so hindi ko kabisado ang mga masseur. I have my eyes on a chinito fair skinned guy but he is sick by that time therefore he is off the market that evening.  Mga 10 to 15 ang mga otokong nakikita ko na parot parito waiting for their respective clients. Then all of a sudden, the 5 feet ish guy run in the middle of the room trying catch a friend. 

Woooop!  He is just wearing a pink Calvin Klein boxer brief that showcases most of his assets – his bubble butt.   I can’t help staring at those deliciously cheeky butt.  I just have to know his name.   “Mama Orly… Ano name Nya?” Pabulong kong tanong with devilish smile.


I swear, muntik na akong natawa sa harapan ng handler nya but i kept those malicious giggles to myself.  I kept a mental note of his name so when the time comes that I need to choose, his name will easily pop up.  Well, how would you forget a probinsyano nickname anyway.

Then came Ms. Fierce and two more members of Fairies and fortress.  “Siya si Jason and Daniel” pakilala ni Ms. fierce. 

Daniel quickly quipped “pare…” In a very manly voice then suddenly “ang Inang Mariposa” almost mimicking Dolphy’s potrayal of Markova. Laugh!

Small chat… Getting to know each other then comes the fun part of officially picking your masseur.  The boys are all lined-up In the “aquarium”.  Ms. Fierce and Jason had their reservations and I just have to pick mine.  I gazed through the glass, parang pumipili ng candy bar.  May super sweet, black chocolate, branded, local etc.  honestly, im not happy with the line-up granted that two of the good looking masseurs are reserved.  Though it was not a popular decision, I still pick Romnick.

Looks 7/10 – cutie pie naman si Romnick.  Pakatitigan mo lang ng matagal.   Ika nga sabi ng mga sosyal “his charms grows in you“.  Twinkish and not my usual type.  He has nice set of teeth and smiles a lot.

Attitude 7/10 – mabait, he giggles…a lot and  mahilig gumamit ng “po” at “opo” which will often reminds you of your age gap. Laugh!

Hygiene 10/10 – no foul odor.  

Massage 4/10. Pag sinabing spa, ang unang unang pumapasok sa brain cells ko ay “massage”.  So ito ang una Kong requirement if I visit a spa.   Romnick ask me to lay down so we can start the ordeal.  Then….


Tiningnan ko siya. He was waiting for me. #nganga

Medyo nagspark ang mga little vessels ko sa utak sabay tanong… “San mo ba gustong magsimula?”  Just to keep the ball rolling.  “Kayo po…

Pumitik na naman ang mga brain cells ko.  Usually kasi, if you go to a spa, may mga diskarte na kasi ang mga Massuer kung San sila magsisimula.  Ang tanging itatanong Lang nila na may kaunting lambing ay “hard o moderate po ba ser? Hard f*@k or karinyong ba bagong Kasal?

So I asked him to start with the legs since I’m feeling a bit tight on my lower calves due to several days of squatting then asked him to finish with my back but make sure to focus on the lower back since this has always been my weakness.

I ask for hard strokes granted my tolerance level for massage is a bit higher than anyone has expected granted I have small frame.  I won’t settle for moderate stroke as it does not entice me at all.  He did tried it but I guess his hands are not yet made out of such strokes.  His hands are a wee bit smaller from other masseurs I delt with.  But with my vast knowledge of massage and masseurs, regardless if barkada kayo ni Frodo Baggins, nasa diskarte yan pagdating sa masahe. Pero effort naman si kuya dahil siguro medyo nakita nyang nag-Amor Powers ang mga kilay ko.

Remember under attitude… I wrote down “he giggles…a lot”.  Well, that part kinda irritates me.  Read on.

Comes the linggam part… Parang sinusundot nya Lang yung betlog ko.  Then he giggles.   As if parang bata na he tries to poke one or two tapos biglang tatawa na parang kinikilig na nanloloko.  Anu akala Nya sa betlog ko…. Sawsaw suka, mahuli Taya!  Yung nararamdaman kong kaunting libog, parang nagevaporate.   This kinda irritates me but of course medyo pasweet pa rin ang tanong ko sa bata “bakit Ka natatawa?  May nakakatawa ba?

He stopped.  Siguro ramdam Nya na ngayon na si Maleficent pala ang minamasahe Nya.  Medyo nanhimik na Lang ako.

ES 8/10 – nagpaaalam muna siya para mag CR.  But I’m no longer expecting fireworks or ecstasy dahil medyo nana as na nga Ako.  So when he came back, he has the audacity to ask  “game na po ba…”

Dyusmiyo marya katilpo!

Anu ba nakuha ko… High school?!

Wala man lang kaunting paglalambing.  Puro “tee hee” ata ang narinig ko.

At this point, I just stared at him… Very subtle, halos pabulong when I endearly uttered “Ano pa nga ba dapat ang gawin mo?

Siguro ngayon medyo randam na ni kuya na medyo Inis na Ako.  Dito na siya bumawi.  Torrid kiss ba kamo…. Wow!  He becomes a man by that quick second.  Devouring my pinkish lips to his universe.  Sucking my entire galaxy with his playful tongue.  Ohhhhhhh!

It lasted for I don’t know how long.  I just kept my eyes close for a little longer than I expected.  Then when I opened my eyes, he was staring at me.  As if  I’m the only queen in the universe.

Tongue to tongue. Ohhhhhhhhh I can’t help it! 

Then he pulled out the condom and slowly pulled out the condom.  He slowly slip his manhood to my universe.  Slowly…passionately.  Gawd…. I think I heard Whitney sung her eponymous song “I’m every woman”.  Thrusting every inch. 

His juice spilled over me. Flowing through my skin. I can feel it’s warmth. Then soon enough I let go of my own. 

Pero wait…. Hindi Yata Ako nasubo ng Tama.  

Huli na nang malaman ko na it should be included on his menu.  I tried during the ordeal to point him on that direction but there is a bit of hesitation.  Eto pa naman ang favorite ko sa buffet

Damage –  I paid Mama Orly Php 1500.00.  That’s minimum.  I wast honking on giving him a tip pero I did not fully enjoyed my experience.  Sa Ibang masseur n Lang Ako babawi 

Will I hire him again?  Big NO.  Probably once the stars aligned and it’s a full moon….I may hire him for the ES part but he needs to improve his massage skills.  Otherwise, he will just be another guy whose main credibility is that piece of meat dangling between his legs.

The Red Shoe Chronicle: Chula Massage



I bet everyone likes to know my latest misadventures in the massage business. To be honest, matagal na rin akong di nagpupunta or nagpapamasahe. There are a lot of establishments that closes na rin and I surely miss some of them. A new reader shared that there are a lot of new massage parlour in Quezon City that I yet to experience – given the time, money and location since I’m now living far from Manila, I have to think things twice. Come to think of it, Valenzuela is not that far from the hustles and bustles of pink Manila. Its a just train away and a long slow and painful tumbling at McArthur Highway. Not to mention, quite boring as you see a line of houses and few perky establishments.

I thought it will be a loooong winter. I snuggled in my comfy chair and never thought that I will find myself to another misadventure. Anyway, I just like to share a massage parlour that I and a comrade discovered. It was one hot summer night and we are feeling jiggy with the booze we’ve been drinking. Of course napagusapan namin ang mga massage parlor na pinagdalhan ko sa kanya hanggang sa may maalala siya na isang masahehan around Manila na hindi pa naming nasusubukan. It was actually parang a ‘tell-tale’ na hindi ako naniwala at first. May apprehension ako dahil ang nagsabi sa kanya ay isa sa mga booking niya. Plus he is straight so i don’t really know kung totoo nga yun. And di pa rin naman niya napupuntahan by that time. So, what I did, with the high level of toxins in my head, I challenge him to bring us to the place. In just a second, he said ‘ok… well find it’.

We are drunk and I don’t know how I reached the place but what I know is I’m at the doorstep of a massage parlour – a Thai massage to be exact. The place is called CHULA MASSAGE. The mini flyer said that they are a member of the International Thai Therapy Association and Philippine Wellness and Spa Association. Their massage ranges from Php 200.00 (foot reflex) and as far as Php 480 (hot stone massage and ventosa with massage). I did not try both rather I tried the Thai and shiatsu massage so far for the two instances that I tried their services.

The entrance is kinda cool. It’s littered with the old Thai culture sprinkled with the old Manila style. A girl receptionist will greet you upon entering their premises. I like how it was designed. I kinda envy the gay manager/owner who runs the place since I like their door design and chandelier. The lights are dim and classy – rich in colour, opulent, comfortable. Going back to masseurs, you won’t see them at first. Its not like you typical male massage parlour na you get to glimpse at them in a line up or through a small aquarium-like room and you get to pick the masseurs. It’s like going to a candy store and pick WHO you like. “Oh mom, I like the big slab of chocolate with 6 pack abs.” So you just kinda imagine who will attend to your needs and try guess amongst the male masseurs who walks back and forth from the reception room to the kitchen. I swear I could see the kitchen at the back of the parlour. It doesn’t have much furniture’s since it’s a spa. What do I expect, a dining table perhaps (rofl). The room are found at the second floor. It’s a long bedroom divided into four or five cubicles that are divided by … guess what… just a curtain. So kinda see what is happening at the other ‘cubicles’. So kung anung ganda ng entrance, dun naman bumagsak pagdating sa masahehan mismo. I mean, maririnig mo talaga kung anu yung ginagawa sa kabila and you can take a peek pa. As in bosohan talaga. Good thing mga kakilala ko yung 2 kasama ko kaya ok lang for me. So if ever you decided to come to this massage parlour, I would recommend bringing in a friend.

Did I mention that I tried the spa twice? First, I was really dead drunk. Second… tipsy! So during my first time since I’m new sa place, I didn’t get to pick my masseur. Sabin ng girl receptionist, nakapila daw sila kaya hindi daw pwedeng mamili. Granted that I’m new and I don’t know their rules, so I give in. I got a masseur whose name is Nor. Kinda reminded me of the Knorr broth cubes that my mom used at the kitchen. Kinda lame for a pseudonym but I’m not the person who will wearing it so it’s fine by me. He is tall, dark and lanky. You know matangkad kasi siya kaya parang hukot tumayo and hindi rin naman malaki ang katawan. Payat pero his muscles are at the right places naman. Yung typical guy who like to play basketball, ganun ang dating niya. Medyu bumbayin look with deep seethed eyes and charming at times. He brought in a bowl of water and soap to clean up my feet at the reception. I think yun yung pinakaprocedure nila for clients before you take your massage. I think it’s because of the things that you bring with your feet and I think its mandatory for them.

Nor’s massage is fine. Relaxing – highly recommended. Parang aral talaga and pinag-aralan niya talaga yung shiatsu. I think nakatulog nga ako during the whole session eh kaya I’m happy with what I have paid. Regarding extra, they offer but as in any business – mostly hush, hush. Did I mention na he is just wearing brief during the time that I had my session. So you kind know na by that time na talagang meron. What I don’t like is the price… I mean ‘taga’ talaga! I think he was asking for 1.5K to 1K for a blow and romance – no ‘tsug’ at all. So I just left him a tip by that time for their great massage. I think 2hum or 3hum… nakalimutan ko na. My friends who came with me are not that happy rin for their hired masseur. Some of them maarte daw and nagpapataas pa ng presyo and the other one complaint na hindi nya daw bet yung napunta sa kanya. They have an ongoing rule na if you don’t like to masseur just squeal and they would immediately replace it. For me, young ganitong ruling is absurd since ang hirap naman mag-reject right on your face. Plus the agony of explaining why you need to replace your masseur. These humans, they have feelings. It’s not like an inanimate object that you could ask for a replacement if it doesn’t fit – all you need to have is waive your receipt.

Since our primary motto a.l.a. Justine Bieber ‘never says never’ and we need to keep our time worth it, we opted for second tryst. Ay sus…que horror, we shouldn’t have had done it. My friend kasi bought a promo ticket na once he returned at least 3x, the fourth one will be free. So he needs to use those tickets rin kaya we opted to come back. Since nagging friend friends na nga kami nung receptionist, nakapili na kami this time ng masseur. Kinuha ng friend ko yung masseur ko na si Nor while I opted for a new one. A bit muscular, charming rin kahit paano and wala namang amoy (hahaha). Pero this one is worst, bad massage and asking for too much. I ended up going home dismayed and I didn’t even left him a tip. Rudeness-gracious!!! He thought siguro that if I refused, my friend will get him anyway. I have enough cash load by that time pero siguro on how I look by that time (super pambahay), he took to him to himself that I’m penniless twink.

So overall, I don’t think that id like to come back at this massage parlour. If ever ill come back, ill just opt for the massage and they better be good.

Im Back … Bitches!

What else can I say about my first post for a loooong while….? I can think of a lot of excuses

1. Climbed Mt. Himalayas and Mt. Everest simultaneously and has no access to civilization
2. Was hired as a P.A. for the KISS band for their European and US tour
3. Went cahoots with the Thai monks and was in a looong lull finding the meaning of life
4. Writers block but in this case a bloggers block … (tongue twist)
5. No computer… damaged by the Undoy disaster
6. Crash course for ‘pornography 101’. I was sooo dedicated; don’t want any interruptions from anyone (go figure)
7. Got married (you wish…complete lie)
8. Was on a terrible accident… cant write, can’t think… hmmm just like my old self!
9. Was smirking along the sidewalks of Vatican and asking for signatures for RH BILL declaration
10. Was bitten by a zombie who pass by Ayala and was rescued by a hunky werewolf (raaaarrrr)

Of course none of these are true. It just so happen that I lost my internet connection; change my address and everything becomes a whirlwind of surprises that I forgot to update my little cyber diary.

Until one day, an avid reader sent me a facebook message, asking why I didn’t update my blog.
I simply say ‘been busy for a while and I don’t think anyone reads that piece of shit….’

He said… ‘I do and my friends.’

I smiled and felt ashamed. I think someone might be reading my blog. I guess, ill never know if ill stop and quit. Just saw my rank on ‘most read gay blogs in the Philippines’. I rank 98-ish – still within the 100 meter mark (not bad for a solitude of more than a year). So I decided to keep on running and keep on writing.

Thank you for bringing back my mojo. I owe it to you Jaco Meer!

the red shoe chronicle: D’ HUNKS


out from a sudden whim, i visited D’ HUNKS located at Tomas Morato.  This is due because of a comment by a friend in cyberspace whose name is Egay.  He is raving about the place and i want to find out why…

I knew the place since i passed by the said center several times.  ito ang isa sa mga unang centers after you passed bay edsa sa may gawing kanan.  ito rin ang madadaan right before you could reach centers such as Blue Room and Boys of Bora which i have reviewed previously.  Before, i passed by the said center but hesitated to pursue their service since during that time, there are only two masseurs available.  i think its way pass 3am and dala siguro ng ka-EL yahan kaya ako nagawi sa lugar na ito hahahahahahah.  So after much ado, the second attempt is fruitful and indeed successful hahahahahaha

The moment i stepped inside the said center i was immediately approached by the head massuer whose name is GRYK.  (mga mare, if you like Gryk, you could also hire him).  i explain to Gryk what i like and demands and he immediately asked the boys para mag-line up.  the center is clean and nice. standard lighting kasi medyo madilim and red bulbs eluminate the said center.  the floor is nice and shiny and no awful smell will greet you.  the basic service is Php 350.00 which includes the usage of towel, lotion, bathrrom and the standard cubicle.  you could choose the men of your desire through an aquarium like room.  you could choose the men you like by simply pointing at him.  i think i choose a guy whom i forgot the name but definitely muscular and bear-like. hahahahhaha.  the main thing i could still remember out from him is the superman necklace hugging his neck.  he has fair complexion and clean looking… a combination i cant resist.

what really amazes me is the service Gryk has offered.  a DOUBLE – meaning two masseurs at the same time..

its my first to experience such sthing so i grab the chance by the balls hahahahahahaha.  the second guy they gave me is somehow in his mid-30’s.  he is not really my bet but well, anything for an adventure hahahahahaha.

i paid 700 for the said service and was led to the second floor with at least 4 to 5 cubicles.  i dont try to count them since im not really interested (im such a bitch).  though i noticed that its clean and well kept.  i think the masseurs are well trained never to leave anything behind.  ika nga they have to clean after messing things up hehehehehe

the massage is fine and dandy and definitely the extra hours spent is marvelous.  this is a center i would also recommend.  if you want to know more about them, please text or call GRYK 0903860682.  just tell them i highly recommend the said center through this blog.  if they would ask my name, well its written at the banner of this blog site.  they will definitely know my name since im one of their patrons

violent reactions, please dont hesitate to write at the box below