My own brand of #MothersDay


Im not a mother.. and i dont know if ill ever be a father

But i was overwhelmed with your mothers day greetings.  The warm hugs, delightful greetings and enchanting messages i got personally and through cyberspace are truly overwhelming.

I dont know how true mothers do it… to give birth and raise a kid to his/her maturity.  How to explain where babies came from and over all how to create a new individual with right ounce of courage, positivity and love who respects others amidst its difference.

Thats why im so thankful that others see me as a mother.  I am humbled and i felt im not worthy of such title.  Im not a complete person but i try my best to keep my heads up and give what i can to 2 nephews and 2 nieces (plus my sister which i adore).

I dont talk this much in person but i have to express my thoughts on other ways just to let my family know how much i adore them.  I just hope they value what i can give now and what i can give tommorow.

I hope that as i get older… youll be there to carry me