BERNARDO VELASCO: im falling in LOVE!!!

I just have to admit it and i just cant help it… im falling in LOVE with Bernardo Velasco.
I guess his picture below will testify why he is my current obsession and object of fantasies.
Meet myBERNARDO VELASCO, 24 years old; born under the signs of Aquarius.  Single and a native of Niteroi Brazil.  Here are some of the bullet points to get to know him even better.
  • Hobbies: working out and going to gym
  • Work: Underwear Model, teach PE in some gym
  • School/University: Rio de Janeiro Federal University
  • Favorite Sports: Soccer, tennis
  • Favorite Food: “I eat anything, but I love Pasta”
  • Favorite Underwear: Calvin Klein
  • Favorite Eyewear Brand: Prada, but I like them a lot
  • Favorite Beer: Brahma
  • Has been featured in: Junior Magazine and The Boy
  • Photo Credits:  Fabio Pamplona, Lucio Luna and Marco Neria (All photos are copyright to its right ful owners)