Tagalog version of #PokemonGo

I was browsing Facebook this weekend when they finally launched the app game Pokemon Go here in the Philippines.  The same app game that caused enough havoc and turmoil in the US finally made it in the local shore.

Of course my friends who got high end smart phones goes #gaga over fictional characters. I, on the other hand did not downloaded the app because

1. I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon.  I love uttering “pokemo” especially if I’m mad or agitated but playing the game is too much for me.

2. I don’t understand the story line.  I’m better off repeating fairy tale stories or I would rather watch Conan or Doraemon anytime than watch a bunch of kids hunting for eggs.. Sounds too kinky for me 

3. Too many characters.  In reality, I can’t even memorize a guys name let alone memorizing more than one dozen of animated characters that I don’t even care

One Fb page that I follow Pepeng Malupet which was originally posted by  Swarovski Robyn listed Filipino translation of Pokemon names. This I find it hilarious and super funny 

Remember, Filipino heroine Darna wears a bra just like this.  In the early 90s, starlets and bomba stars often wear this during tabloid shoots 

The #talangka mentality

#bes… Meaning bestie or BFF or best friend.  Rofl 

If you’re Pinoy… You know what does it mean.  “Tangna Andeng wag mong sabihing did more ma-gets!”

The Encantadia character named #Pirena.  The original character played by a local actress Sunshine Dizon has the same costume.

Big mouth loves to suck cocks … Judge me 

If there is #chupaera.. This bird comes after

Local version of Little Mermaid 

Tagalog version of bean sprout

It’s a song dumbass… Remember they are looking for him… “Nasaan  na raw ang lider ng tatlong bibe so stop hunting him!!!

Well… Ill mannered poor gay thwats… Beware if your frenemies suddenly posted this on your timeline

In English… Scrotum hahahahha

In English… The hair down there.  Rofl!  I just hope that I expanded your Tagalog vocabulary using this post.

Daniel Matsunaga’s #scandalous photo

speaking of Daniel Matsunaga – this hot Brazilian model may have his own share of sizzling photos lurking the internet.  Well, i think these photos were taken when he is still starting as a model and of course its a cut-throat industry – you need to stand out and let the gay community notice you.  It may have been his spring board to fame but i guess its all worth it… look on where he stands now… anyway, scroll down dear patrons and you’ll see what i meant.  Just “drool at your own risk”




Paolo Bediones – the newest #SexScandal king


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on a scandal?

The new stars and phenomenal rise to fame of the recent victims of sex tapes has been clamoring attention in social media and has been shared numerous times by FB and Twitter generation.  Currently, news anchor for TV5 Paolo Bediones is the latest victim of the so-called video scandal as he is caught having sex with an unknown girl.  True enough, this has been the talk of the town as it spreads like wild fire amongst netizens.  Bediones, at this point kept his mouth shut and continue with his job.


Historically speaking, guys who are involved with video scandal has either stepped away from the limelight or vanished on thin air.  Case in point, Haydens career from bein a rising celebrity has fade away when Halili screams “foul”.  Both of their careers never flew off the gutter and since then has threaded a quieter life.

And each time, a video scandal will emerge, their names are included as point of reference. 

It might have been hard for Bediones in keeping a straight face to the public knowing that the next person he will interview is thinking about his “dick-zilla” hiding behind his pants and not the actual climate changes.  

But i dont pity them as they had created that video as they are well aware of its ill repurcussions once it landed to the wrong hands.  Knowing that they are celebrities by profession and this industry clamors for lewd shows.  I guess i could say … its their fault


I just watched the film ESKANDALO last night in lieu with current events that lurks showbiz-landia and the lobby of justice system against celebrities out to ‘kill’ each other in public.  It made public last year created by Joven M Tan starring Ms. Snooky Serna, Paolo Rivero, Emilio Garcia and Andrew Schimmer. The movie itself revolves around Benny (Emilio Garcia), the only son of well known family whose father were a retired general has well kept her sexuality to a minimum level until he met Lance (Andrew Schimmer) who works as a masseur and moonlights as a hustler. Though the story line is thin and the dilemma were quite shallow (Though lance has the physique and the looks of an Adonis, his penis is too small that leads his wife to leave him and triggers insanity every time he was mocked by his customers because of his inadequate ‘offer’), the creator has been able to deliver and etched out underlying values that keeps the movie afloat including – love, honor, family duty, poverty and the life of an old gay man who lives in a box and still confused of his actions.


Thank God with its actors and supporting cast this gives the film bearable to watch. Hooray to Ms Snooky Serna on making a leap off from her comfort zone and taking the character as it is as Andrew’s overbearing sibling who sees his brother no less than a one peso coin. Though some scenes are too theatrics and some are too lengthy (including each dining scene of Benny’s family) , the film has gave enough promise that even I would recommend.

Emilio Garcia’s performance has captured a character of an older gay professor who classically displays an out and proud homo in front of other people but still hides its true self in front of thy family. . He gave a face to matured old gay guys who came out maybe round their late 20’s who is just starting to know and explore the ‘gay life’ . . So you bet my ass that they are still naïve on some details of being gay that they are scared to explore when they were still young and too old to make mistakes including falling in love with a hustler /masseur and hoping that he is the knight in shining armor that “all girls hoped for”.

I love Emilio!!! He played the part so well that I have been able to see myself in bits and pieces. As we all know, I’m no longer on my tweens and will be joining the ranks of fully pledged 30’s. I like how he handles his lines whenever he talks with his friend and colleague played by Paolo Serrano. Lines such ‘hoy bakla, itigil mo nga yung bunganga mo at baka may makarinig”.
I always love Paolo Rivero!!! The classic ‘paminta’ looking with a mouth of a thrasher which I dearly love. A lot of my friends have a foul mouth such as that – frank, honest until your teeth bleeds. Nevertheless, I still treasure them friends since they are the only people in the world who could give an honest advice if I needed some spanking. They will also be the first people who will lift me up when I’m laying at the gutter. One scene that I like so much is by the time he visits Emilio at his house after he were confined for several days. He has a bouquet of flowers as a token to Emilio. But instead of giving in a classical fashion, he throws it instead. Hahahahahaha! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who enjoys it.



Andrew Schimmer’s debut performance as a masseur / hustler is not considerably the ‘peak of his performance’. Given the fact that he this is his debut and the actor needs more workshops, we could give him the benefit by giving all the full efforts in playing the apart. What makes him passed my scorecard is his ability to speak through his eyes. He got this set of eyes which gives him an edge off from new actors who tried the ‘sexy’ path to gain popularity. We cannot ignore the fact that he got a great body but any Juan Dela Cruz has the same package which they could offer the audience. Hell, you could even gain the fantasies of gay men even without clothes and posing in magazines but no one could beat you if you have the ability to act.

“VERDICT: watch the video.