BERNARDO VELASCO: im falling in LOVE!!!

I just have to admit it and i just cant help it… im falling in LOVE with Bernardo Velasco.
I guess his picture below will testify why he is my current obsession and object of fantasies.
Meet myBERNARDO VELASCO, 24 years old; born under the signs of Aquarius.  Single and a native of Niteroi Brazil.  Here are some of the bullet points to get to know him even better.
  • Hobbies: working out and going to gym
  • Work: Underwear Model, teach PE in some gym
  • School/University: Rio de Janeiro Federal University
  • Favorite Sports: Soccer, tennis
  • Favorite Food: “I eat anything, but I love Pasta”
  • Favorite Underwear: Calvin Klein
  • Favorite Eyewear Brand: Prada, but I like them a lot
  • Favorite Beer: Brahma
  • Has been featured in: Junior Magazine and The Boy
  • Photo Credits:  Fabio Pamplona, Lucio Luna and Marco Neria (All photos are copyright to its right ful owners)


ROCCO NACINO: one yummy newcomer

Popularly known as ROCCO NACINO but in real life, he is Enrico Raphael Quiogue Nacino. Born on March 21, 1987 in Baguio City, Philippines and was named as Second Prince in the hit reality celebrity search ‘StarStruck’ season 5.

The reality show has been the primary vehicle for some of today’s hottest young celebrities which includes Mark Herras and Aljur Abrenica.  The said show has proven its main tag -line which has been the motto of its avid followers and day dreamers  – DREAM… BELIEVE… SURVIVE.

A registered nurse before he entered show business, ROCCO NACINO may not have brought home the bacon but he is currently tinsel towns latest toast for stardom as he stars on TV projects from the Kapuso network.  I think he has more TV projects that the real winner… hahahahahaha. He even landed COSMO’s YUMMY CIRCLE FOR HUNKY BACHELORS for 2010.


i think my heart stops when i found out that my beloved and ultimate crush Japanese Brazilian hunk AKIHIRO SATO entered the much-ado SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES – CELEBRITY SHOWDOWN.

AKI… my love stranded in an island and will fight for food for survival.  i cant believe my eyes as GMA announced the celebrity contenders.  He was tagged ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ and i hope that we will support AKI with this challenge

JON HALL: ‘i love the way you…’

Filipino British beefcake JON HALL has always been one of my favorite models in the local circuit.  He kinda reminds my of Chulalangkorn from the epic story ‘the king and I’.

His enigma is majestic and powerful and you cant rid the fact that he is ‘one HOT HUNK’ that this local tinseltown ever had.  Now, he is one of the contenders of the much-ado Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown, i just cant help but imagine how much i want to get stranded in an island – with Jon Hall and Akihiro Sato.  Scroll down and wet your lips with this juicy hunk

SADATSUGU SUZUKI: a ‘sushi’ you WONT resist!

20 year old SADATSUGU SUZUKI, better known to his friends as “Piko” or “Zuki” were one of the ‘contestants’ for a local networks TV franchise  aptly entitled ‘SURVIVOR’. The second season may have been dominated by women but we cant help but drool as there are numerous hunks frolics the island of Palau.

Suzuki may not have won the crown but he definitely made an impact on local tinsel town with its hunky appearance and comedic persona.  Much like Ruffa Mae Quinto’s male counterpart … but then again, its too early to say as the latter has proven her worth with blockbuster films under her belt.  Ika nga, he has to prove a lot of things pa at this point.

Suzuki,  a student of BS Criminology at Emilio Aguinaldo College – Manila (EAC), this half-Pinoy, half-Jap hottie juggles his life as a student and a part-time model and is enjoying every minute of it.  Relatively new in the Philippines, he has easily accustomed himself to local culture as he has been visiting his mother’s homeland since he was young.

At this point, he has joined personality searches such as Club Mafia Hunks, Summer Bodies and Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open (the last contest he had to back out from due to his becoming a finalist at one of the most prestigious model searches in the country, Bodyshots).  He also graced the runway of Experience: Blackout where he was reunited with fellow Bodyshots finalists Harvey Cruz, Chris Ong-Hay, Marvin Miranda and Mario Lee Zamboni.

Suzuki is worth the wait.  I just hoped that he would manage his career in showbiz wisely.  Below shows the hunky persona on various images.  I would like to thank GMA site and Ultimate Pinoy Hunk for such wonderful pictures.  For more details; please visit

JC Tiuseco: one HOT survivor

its been 2 years since JC Tiuseco won the coveted first Survivor cap.  After his nomination for PMPC Best Male Newcomer, he proves that he would also survive the world of show business.  he surely sets our TV on fire as he dazzles us with his mild manner and hunky persona.  Lets see how he had improved from being cast away to heartthrob.

MARVIN KIEFER: Survivor’s Ultimate Crush


Swiss–Filipino teenager hailing from Cagayan de Oro MARVIN KIEFER were dubbed as ‘the ultimate crush’ for the second installment of Survivor Philippines.

No wonder, he has the looks and a smile that anyone would love to adore.  Sports lover (from football, table tennis, cycling and track and made hobbies out of skateboarding, wall-climbing, break dancing and parkour) and a self confessed ‘backpacker’ (trekking to remote and unlikely places, interacting and immersing himself in indigenous customs) who started modelling at the age of 16.

He says: I’m a Survivor because at any time of any day with just my backpack in hand, I am ready to go anywhere in the world.”

the TEACHER that everyone loves to HATE

too bad… i cant watch the show every night since i have to work.  So my ONLY survival are through GMA 7’s teaser / commercial which i manage to take a glimpse each morning and through YOUTUBE siyempre. 

And i cant help it… im startingt to HATE the oldest contestant who happens to be a public school teacher – Carol Gementiza

ARRRGGGHHH!  the way she yells on her team mates are disgusting and awful.  She uses the words ‘use your head’ as if she is surrounded by children.  Kainis…. naaalala ko tuloy yung mga bad memories ko from my teachers when i were a lil boy (?).  Napaka degrading ang mga pang-uutos  niya sa ibang survivor …

As if naman may malaki siyang naitutulong eh todo mando lang naman yata siya.  Kalerkey….

i just hope na makapanood ako ng kahit isang episode wherein she rants and make ‘utos’ sa ibang contestants… i just cant wait to air out my opinion and kating kati na rin ang mga daliri ko ….hahahahahahaha

VLAS NESAS: ang ‘metrosexual’ ng SURVIVOR:PALAU


He confesses that he is ‘METROSEXUAL’. 

Yup, up until now, i dont know what does it truly mean by its core definition.  It’s still a battle of wit, rhyme and reason when defining such vague 21st century word that allies a thin gray line between manhood and homosexuality.  I bet no one would contest if i would say that being ‘metrosexual’ is just an easy escape when defining one self when you truly dont know where you belong – the left or the right.

VLAD NESAS of Survivor:Palau has been stiring such fuss when he does admits he is ‘Metrosexual’.  Its not how he chooses his lifestyle or his partner that really counts in this type of reality TV show, its how you play the game and how you would survive amongst your peers.  Lets just hope that Vlad would fare well …

Heres a snip of his interview from its offical site:

He says: “I consider myself a real survivor because I have been through a lot of challenges in my life. Growing up, I always felt insecure. Pakiramdam ko ang pangi-pangit ko. This is the reason why I improved my body, my looks, pati na ang dating ko sa mga tao.Tingnan mo naman ngayon, hindi lang ako nag-improve, model pa ako ngayon.”

Vlad Nesas calls himself an “alpha male”, a dominant guy who always gets what he wants. He is confident that this is going to be his ace in winning the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Vlad is a graduate of Industrial Design, Major in Fine Arts at the University of Sto. Tomas where he was also a varsity swimmer.

He considers Joining Survivor Philippines: Palau as his major test of character.

“Kapag nakayanan ko itong Survivor, made na made na talaga ako” Vlad said smugly. “To prepare, talagang pinaganda ko ang katawan ko… sinanay ko ang sarili ko sa hirap. Grabe, six times a week na nga ang pagwo-work out ko. Kaya ba ng iba yun?”

He also knows that the cash prize and the title would drastically change his life, that’s why he is giving his all in the game.

“Hindi ako nagpapatalo. Hindi ako madaling mauto o mapaikot. Hindi rin ako takot manggago. Kung nabilib sila kay Marlon noon… well, hindi pa nila nakikilala si Vlad!” he said.

JP Calderon likes it DIRTY???


well, as what his shirt suggested, he likes it DIRTY.  but it seems he is referring to DIRTY MARTINI. hahahahahha

anyway, below are some photos i have collected that may cause maximum drooling. enjoy kids….

R u thinking what im thinking??
R u thinking what im thinking??


one juicy butt!!
one juicy butt!!


in afterlife, i would like to be a towel
in afterlife, i would like to be a towel


a white towel to be exact hehehehe
a white towel to be exact hehehehe