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i love Thailand!

The culture, the food, tattoos and MEN.  Filipinos and Thailander’s almost looks like the same that’s why i love them both…” hold them apart so clean and bright. Clap them softly. .. one two three…clean little hands are good to see.” 

so on this one horny morning, after drooling over the internet and wiping my juices from my keyboard, id like to feature some of the most gorgeous and yummiest Thailander’s i have ‘googled’ so far…

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piggy back ride with “boyfie”

its what we call piggy back ride.

Normally, we see this between a father and his son while having fun at the park or in a pool.  Often, straight men and women does this occasionally while strolling on their favorite avenue where they first met.  At times, we see a guy carrying a girl on his back during rainy days especially if she does not want her new prada shoes to be ruined by the flood.  In Korea and Thailand, the most romantic scenes are often portrayed during the ‘piggy back’ sequence.  I bet you remember this scenes:

Hit Korea-novela Kim SamSoon
a scene from “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” starring Mario Maurer

but how about a guy carrying another guy on his back.

a guy from work posted a picture on his FB and he tagged it “Boyfie”.  

and they say they are just “friends” – as in GOOD FRIENDS

Im smelling something “fishy”

yeah they are friends, like the guys i posted below:

gay guys guide to Bangkok: BABYLON BATH HOUSE

Like any bath house, BABYLON (Soi nantha (off sathorn soi1) sathorn Rd. tel 662-6797985) is located in the middle of high end residential area.  At first, I was hesitant on where the taxi driver may be heading till I saw a signage which points to its direction.

I would like to see what the big fuss to this bath house is.  PLUS it bears the name of a fictitious club in the gay series ‘Queer as Folks”.  Jimmy and Paul (the guy who fetched me in the airport) also recommended the place as ‘a must see’.  Even a Thai website who promotes gay travel ranks Babylon as one of the TOP 10 exciting gay places to visit.  So what does a gay backpacker needs to do … what else but bring a cup of bravery and a pinch of guts all tucked in my back pocket.

I reached my destination and yes I am amazed on how huge the place is.  It was Wednesday night and they charge 230baht.  You need to pay for it before you could enter and they gave you the keys for your locker.  No membership or whatsoever, not unlike here in the Philippines.

I was astonished with the vast area of the locker room.  I even had the hard time finding my own locker.  I even asked for assistance (silly old me).  The locker holds a hanger for your clothes, two huge towels (I guess, this is intentional for foreigners who are larger than the average Asian), plus a condom and a lubricant. Well, here in the Philippines, they would lend you one towel and a set of slippers. As I stripped down (leaving only my underwear), I went ahead and go through  a pathway which leads to a room pf ‘earthly desires’ (I think I read this at the upper portion of the entrance literally written to give patrons an idea what lies ahead of them).

From local Thai’s to other colors frolics the floor.  Its like a male beauty pageant – finals night that each patrons represent a country – Brazil, France, India, USA, China, Korea and of course the Philippines.

In bare foot, I peeked on each rooms and it is equipped with tissue and a tiny trash bag.  Each room is clean minus the awful smell plus the floors are fully air-conditioned.  I bet I just felt my nipples all sprung out due to the cold breeze it’s brings. (brrr)

It does not have a viewing room wherein they show ‘indie’films but rather they have better idea.  There is a small ile in the middle of the floor that you may enter.  It’s rather dark when you get inside.  Then you would notice a little hole that you may peek.  You may think that it may have been an inside look on one of those rooms.  But what you may see is just small TV which plays M2M nonstop.  Nice idea….

The first space leads to another.  The vast area is littered with small rooms that you may choose from as you wish.  The rooms will finally lead to posh swimming pool and well equipped bar.  All you need to do is just point the drink you little heart desire.  The main post that holds the walls of the bathhouse together has gigantic sculptures of well buffed men.  Much like the ‘Parthenon of Greece’.  The shower room is also larger than what I had expected.  I think there were more than 20 shower heads and have a body shampoo that you could freely use.  Plus, there are two shower heads right before the entrance if in case you want to refresh before you cruise.

I f you’re asking if I got lucky… a staggering NO for an answer. I act like a tourist rather than a patron inside Babylon trying to look at each nook and cranny. I guess I took a bath 5 times on 5 different shower heads just to use the body shampoo they offer.  I even met 2 Pinoys while sitting on one of the benches.  My feet are killing me because of the endless walking and they are conveniently sitting at the other corner.  I call them Mr. Makati and Mr. QC as I did forget their names to begin with hahahahaha.

The men are delectable by their own beauty and each guy may have been a personal choice of another person.  One friendly advice though, never kneel to undressed penis and always uses condoms. If you have to use two condoms at once, then by all means, use BOTH.

where to stay in Bangkok?: LEK HOUSE @ Khao San

If you are on a very tight budget and the primary requirement that you look for in a room is just a bed and proper ventilation, then you may like LEK GUEST HOUSE (125-127 Khaosan Rd Banglumphu, Bangkok 10200 Thailand Tel 662-2818441). Managed by Mr Lek Saranukool as written in the hotel card they gave me.

my room at LEK HOUSE...


LEK HOUSE RULE. reading it is a royal treat


When you say cheap, their rates range from 190baht for single room and 250baht up for double. But do not expect hotel quality accommodation.  It has a common bathroom for everyone and it does not have any TV at all. Well, if your room is facing SILKA BAR, then fortunately you may be able to watch a show as they project cable shows on a wall.

You cant bring visitors since they don’t allow it.  There is a 2000baht fine if you were caught bringing a Thai friend in your room.  For laundry, they charge 30baht per kilo. When it comes to music, well, you have Khao San natural energy to begin with which would comfort you at night.  I just hoped that noise could lull you to sleep since I never had one.

where to stay in Bangkok? KHAO SAN PALACE INN

Khao San Palace offers a variety of rates for tourists, this is ideal especially for guys like me who travels alone. KHAO SAN PALACE INN is located along Khao San Road (139 Khaosan Rd Bangkok 10200 tel 662-2820578 / 662-2813272). You have to get off the tax either at Chakkra Phong Road.  The main landmark is Channasongkram Police Station located at the very corner of Khao San or get off at Tanao Rd.  The main landmark that I may point out is the Burger King which is facing Khao San.

For single room, they charge 500baht complete with TV, own bathroom with hot and cold shower, 24 hour security and a swimming pool.  Though I didn’t had the opportunity to try it due to the busy schedule I laid out for myself, but I plan to use it on the next trip to Bangkok.  There are no breakfast meals but who needs one as Khao San is littered with street food you can munch with PLUS the 24 hours service of 7eleven.  Unfortunately, when I booked for a single room, they only have double’s by that time.  For doubles, you could choose from 700baht (one huge bed good for two) or 800baht (two separate beds). I choose the cheaper one and the receptionist are accommodating as well.  I never had troubles in talking to them as they can understand English as well.  Plus, they were good enough to inform me that once there is a single room available on the next day, I will be transferred instead.  Two thumbs up for good service which I didn’t find in a hotel at Pratunam.

the SINGLE room


the view from my window...

a room for TWO... ideal for couples

For visitors, I think they don’t allow such but you could ask the receptionist.  The pictures below will speak for itself.  I highly recommend KHAO SAN PALACE for backpackers!!!! TWO THUMBS UP!

where to stay in Bangkok? MY HOTEL, Pratunam

When I first arrived in Bangkok, the guy who fetched me brings me to this quaint hotel in Pratunam.  The guy I’ve been referring to were contacted by a friend of mine.  Apparently Ingrid knew the guy and entrusted me to him as he were living in BKK for more than 2 years.  I’m on a very tight budget so I trust that he will bring me to an affordable place which is right on my alley.

I made prior research so I do have a Plan B if ever.  A lot of websites points to the direction of Khao San as they have a far more affordable hotel or Inn ranging from 500baht up.

I was surprised that Jimmy suggested a hotel that almost shoots off my budget. The hotel is nice and comfy, don’t get me wrong, but if ONLY your budget could afford it.  My friend still said though, the hotel is still affordable since it’s near Soi and other commercial complex.  Because I don’t want to make a bad impression and he was recommended by my friend, I stayed but explained that I may get out from the hotel on the next day since I do have my plans laid out around Khao San.

MY HOTEL is located in Pratunam (70, 70 ¼ Soi Petchaburi 15 Petchburi Rd, Phayathai BKK 10400 tel no 662-6319393 fax 662-6319355 email rsvn.myhotel@hotmail.com). It’s near Petchaburi Rd but you have to get inside Soi 13 or Soi 15 as this is well hidden from its main road. Ika nga, medyo tago yung place.

the mini posh and cute reception of MY HOTEL


The room that I got is for two people – It’s 900baht per day. The rules of thumb, if ever ill check out, I should get out before 12 in the afternoon on the next day.  Because if I exceeded beyond that time, they will consider it as another day therefore I need to pay another 900baht.

i think this room can accommodate at least 3 people


the SINK


The accommodation includes breakfast.  The buffet were served round 6:30AM so you better get up and head to its main lobby before supplies run out.  The room is equipped with TV and a volt found in the cabinet.  So if in case that you would like to lock up those jewelries, you could just leave it in your rooms but make sure you memorized the password.

my FIRST breakfast in Bangkok... yummy and delicious!


The room itself is big.  It can accommodate at least three people.  It’s clean with hot and cold showers to boot.   Just remember that you have to be careful to dissect which is the towel for your body and a mat.  Mat’s has a word “welcome” written all over it.  So don’t make the same mistake that I have made.

I just hoped that the hotel invested to employ English speaking receptionist. As a tourist, you rely to them to give you proper instructions or answers that I we will both understand.  I think the room boy is far better since he do understand as well and could speak the English language rather than the guy in the counter.

Rainbows at Bangkok

My Bangkok experience is one crazy misadventure that any backpacker (gay or straight) would NEVER dream of. If you were reading my previous entries, you may virtually conclude that I hit the things you should NOT do while visiting a foreign country, much more if there is a language barrier between you and its local’s inhabitant.  Its like a video game, you hit all the buckets to gain points and if that is so… I may have been in the loosing end and decreasing my life energy tremendously.

A life in Bangkok is both happy and sad. The lights…the culture… atmosphere… everything is uniquely owned by Thai’s.  No wonder, people from around the globe (including me) were drawn its colorful history … intrigued on how it works.  Maybe because of language barrier and only a few people could give a vivid definition on what makes “Bangkok” ticks.  Jimmy (the Filipino guy who fetched me from the airport who has been living in Bangkok for more than 2 years) has not been able to fully master their language. Another kababayan whom I met in the airport has been living in Bangkok for 2 years hasn’t visited a lot of places in Bangkok and still remains clueless when asked.  I bet she may not have been to where I am for four days.

If I will submit my escapades to a travel magazine for an inside look of a gay backpacker in Bangkok, they may not even publish it as well. As I was writing this post as of October 23 in the wee hours of the morning, the rain is pouring and flood started to drown the noise and the streets of Khao San. At the same time, the rain seems to drown my hopes and doubt started to cloud my mind if I could actually get home as scheduled if weather conditions won’t change.  The last news flash i’ve heard, a fourth storm was brewing in the Philippine shore after a monster disaster Ondoy and Peping. I prayed and hoped that he will grant me thy wish as I totally got HIS message – “No Man is an Island”

Regret?  So far … none. Though you may say that I should abandon all my thoughts in traveling to a foreign country in the future due to unfavorable  situations like loosing all my money or track of time (lesson learned: always carry a mini calendar) … yeah you could finally conclude, I’m a stupid backpacker.

But this experience has truly thought me a lot.  I came to Bangkok for the hope to find myself and I am successful as I begin to cherish the things that I neglected in the past, my experience brings me to a defining moment  that life goes on even if  you have had fucked up your life in the past. You have to stand up and continue the journey.

As I stood up, I learned and realized certain truth about life that I refused to believe after a traumatic and unfavorable chapter in my so-called life which involves an old friend, court cases and sanity. I felt that ‘I cannot trust anyone nor lean on someone else in times of crises. People will abandon me in times of trouble and I only have myself to count on.  I abandon the fact that there are a few of my friends whom I could still rely on in times like this.  As a very famous song goes ‘you could count on me when you need a friend’

I guess, you can’t blame me if I felt that way BEFORE for I have entrusted a so-called friend with its two bare hands to bring me to a safe road even without opening thy eyes.  I was completely surprised when she betrayed and abandons thy poor soul.  My hopes and dreams were all shattered and left to believe that no one can be trusted.

BKK brings back the core definition of the word – ‘Trust’. I thought I could survive without friends or family but they gave unsolicited love and support.  Now I understand that guardian angels do exist and some of them don’t have wings. Angels do exist whose name are Karen and Arlene.

My sister and four nieces gave me the strength to move on.  As of this writing, I wanted to go home badly.  I need to go home and I will do everything to survive this ordeal first to have an opportunity to see them again.  I know they are waiting for me.

All in all, Bangkok is not a bad experience.  I never regretted the fact that I take that first step in the airport and travel all by myself. Speaking of traveling, i’m opening my hopes of a companion on my next trip to unsheltered regions – right raven

The rain stops and the noisy tourist downstairs starts to yell “cheers”.  The noisy Khao San is starting to roar again.  The hour seems to move on without the traces of horror that life may bring. I guess, there is a rainbow at the end of storm and it started to dawn at Khao San.

THAILAND… get ready for me!!!!!

I’m no longer throwing a party this year and i hope my friends would appreciate the fact that i wont text them cruel messages if they would not come to my birthday party.  I bet some of them have had a sigh of relief when i finally announce, i finally decided not to thow one.

I bet some of them were shaking when they finally flipped their calendars and read OCTOBER.  They may have been thinking hundreds of alibi which is almost closed to reality that they could present on my bear feet.  I knew this people like the back of my hands so ill know if they are really telling the truth.

I finally decided…what the hell… let me spend my hard earned money to myself and this time to commemorate the beginning of 30’s,  i will pack my bags and visit gay Thailand.

An adventure of a lifetime since ill be travelling all by myself and hoping that i would discover new things, explore grand tourist destinations, create new friends and if i get lucky… get laid as well.

So Thailand, wait for on the third week of October….  and lets PARTY!!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!!!!