I MISS MY PARENTS on Christmas Day

I MISS MY PARENTS every Christmas season.

Though that everyone had a smile on their face and the world around us magically turned into fantasy, i just cant help but feel somehow empty. I lost my father December 16.  The day we usually mark as the first day of  ‘Simbang Gabi’.  While my beloved mother passed away on Christmas morning (December 25).

Sad but its true,  Its been several years since i lost them but the hurt still lingers.  What does a gay guy gonna do?  Well, i bet if anyone knew why i prefer working on Christmas day after knowing the fact that i lost my parents on ‘the most wonderful time of the year‘ may eliminate the fact that i’m following the footsteps of Uncle Scrooge.

How did i survive all these years? honestly, i don’t know.  Anyway, i don’t want to rain on your parade. Let me just share one of my favorite Christmas carol sung by Judy Garland.  This song never fails to inspire.  Its melody slowly touches me deep within … and warm thy poor cold heart.

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